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How to Use FinalForms

Registering Your Student

All students participating in Overnight Travel must be registered on FinalForms, the online registration website used by the Shaker Heights School District.  If you already have an account due to being involved in interscholastic athletics, you will follow the instructions for an Existing FinalForms account.
To Register a Student that is NEW to FinalForms:
  1. Log on and create an account at:
  2. Parents must complete each individual section found in the menu on the left side of the page and “electronically sign” (type your name) where appropriate. 
  3. Once you hit “submit” you will be taken to a screen to select activities
  4. Towards the bottom of the page under “Join Extracurricular Activities,” please select the appropriate overnight trip and then “Update Sports/Activities.”
To Register a Student with an Existing FinalForms Account:
  1. Log on to your already created account at:
  2. Your student(s) that is already registered will appear in the middle of the screen.
  3. In the middle of the colored box, click “+ Add Sports/Activities”
  4. Towards the bottom of the page under “Join Extracurricular Activities,” please select the appropriate overnight trip and then “Update Sports/Activities.”
Once you have joined the appropriate overnight trip, you will be taken to the dashboard of your student to complete all required forms. All required forms will be showing on the left menu. As you complete and sign sections, they will change from RED to GREEN. If you have had an existing account, you will just need to update any information and sign as necessary.

There are two additional areas you will need to complete that have been added for Overnight Trips. 
  • Overnight Trip Forms
    • Please do NOT electronically sign this page on FinalForms until all required forms are completed, signed, and uploaded.
    • The below documents will require you to print, complete, and be signed off on by your student’s doctor. Only medication that is signed-off on by a doctor is permitted to be carried/administered on a trip. You will then follow the directions on FinalForms in the appropriate section (Overnight Trip Forms) to upload a digital copy of the form for the school to access
      • Medication Form:  All students should complete this form, and have it signed off on by a doctor.  All prescription medications must be input in this document. The district will provide Over the Counter (OTC) medications to students who require them on the trip, if signed off on by a doctor.
      • Asthma/Allergy Action Plan: ONLY if necessary, meaning that your student has a life threatening allergy where emergency treatment is necessary, OR you have a diagnosis of Asthma
      • Homestay Permission Form: ONLY required if participating in a Homestay; your advisor will direct you to complete this form.
    • After you have uploaded the appropriate documentation, please sign electronically
  • Overnight Trip Waiver
    • Please review and sign electronically (please note that the checkboxes at the bottom are for athletic activities only)
PLEASE NOTE: While the initial registration may take 15-20 minutes, it is MANDATORY. Individual accounts “follow” students throughout their Middle School and High School careers requiring only relevant updates from year to year. The first registration requires the most time.