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Technology Plan, 2015-2020

Goal two of the Shaker Heights City Schools five year strategic plan focuses on Continuous Improvement.  Embedded in this overarching goal, is Strategic Initiative 2.3 which calls for the District to...

"Establish District-wide expectations to implement and monitor the use of technology tools to support instruction and organizational efficiency."
To this end, a specific goal for 2014-2015 is to review and revise the District technology plan.  This plan will provide a road map for the next five years and guide investment in technology infrastructure, delivery of professional learning, and processes for vetting and selecting educational technology tools.
The Process 
The Technology Plan was developed with input from multiple stakeholder group representatives.  The entire planning process was facilitated by members of the Educational Service Center (ESC) of Cuyahoga County.  Members of the ESC brought with them experience in strategic planning as well as educational technology and provided guidance and a framework for the committee's planning process.     
The technology planning committee will met one time per month from February through May 2015. 
You may view the complete five year Technology Plan here
The Technology Planning Committee Members 
  • Jaclyn Abrams - F
  • Michael Adams - ST
  • Casey Ailiff - ST
  • Jason Bednar - F
  • Mary Coffey- F
  • Carol Dawson - ST
  • Pawan Divakarla - C/BR
  • Bryan Drost - ST
  • Fred Hart - C
  • Christopher Hayward - ST
  • Erin Herbruck - ST
  • Jim Holesovsky - ST
  • Lynne Kulich - ST
  • Joe Marencik- F
  • Claudia McCord - ST
  • Adam Mortus - F
  • David Shakno - S
  • Eric Siler- C/BR
  • Mary Strouse - F
  • John Sweeney - F
  • Cynthia Walker - ST
  • Dale Whittington - ST
BR=Business Rep., C=Community Member, F=Faculty, S=Student, ST=Staff

District Aspirations
Excellence - Equity - Exploration

District Mission
The District will nurture, educate, and graduate students who are civic-minded and prepared to make ethical decisions; who are confident, competent communicators, skillful in problem solving, capable of creative thinking; who have a career motivation and a knowledge of our global and multicultural society. 

District Vision
Shaker is the first-choice school district for all students.
District Core Values:
We believe:
  • Each student is valued.
  • Every student must succeed.
  • Diversity makes us stronger.
  • Breadth of experience is vital. 
  • Fiscal responsibility is essential.
  • We are all accountable.
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