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Developing The Shaker Schools Strategic Plan

The District is developing its next five-year Strategic Plan in collaboration with Resolute Educational Solutions, LLC, which will guide and inform the District’s actions and decisions through 2025. Please use the guide below as an introduction to Strategic Plans. For more in-depth information on Shaker's Strategic Plan process, visit

What is a Strategic Plan?
A strategic plan is an organization’s road map: it clearly states the organization’s goals, guides its actions and decision-making, and identifies how it will measure progress on those goals. 

Who writes Shaker’s Strategic Plan? 
The District is working with Resolute Educational Solutions LLC, a firm based in Detroit, to help craft the next Strategic Plan. Resolute's work will include input from stakeholder groups throughout Shaker Heights. 
How was Resolute seleted?
Resolute emerged as the District’s partner after the Request for Proposal (RFP) process netted 15 responding firms with both national and local footprints. The Strategic Plan Advisory Committee, which consists of 16 stakeholders including community members and District personnel, then interviewed four finalists and made a selection for final consideration by the District. During the screening process, Resolute demonstrated a seamless alignment with the District’s focus on student experience and equity.

What is included in the Strategic Plan? 
Shaker Schools’ current Strategic Plan includes six goals and multiple objectives, measures, initiatives and action plans. The goals, measures and action steps in the next Strategic Plan will be determined through this next Strategic Plan process.

Who approves the Strategic Plan? 
The Board of Education is expected to adopt the plan in the spring of 2020. 

Who is responsible for executing the Strategic Plan? 
The superintendent oversees implementation of the plan and is responsible for providing updates to the Board and to the community on progress toward the plan’s goals. Administrators within the District are responsible for progress on action steps and initiatives within their areas of expertise.

When does the Strategic Plan take effect? 
Implementation of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan will begin in July 2020. 

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