Senior Project Announcement - Class of 2020

      By now you have received a letter announcing the cancellation of Senior Project.  This decision was not made lightly, which is why it took so long to reach this end.  The health of every student and every student's family is of the utmost importance to us.  We simply cannot condone or permit you to possibly expose yourself to this virus and risk any further community spread.  There is no Senior Project that is worth risking your life or the lives of others.
      In the rare case that your Sponsor still believes that you can complete your Senior Project from home, we do not want to take it away from you.  We are not calling for students to submit virtual projects.  What we are saying is if your Sponsor has already said to you that you can complete your Senior Project from your home, not safely from their place of business or the community, please send me an email stating what your Senior Project is and your Sponsor’s contact information and forward any emails that you have already received from your Sponsor indicating that they will still be able to work with you for your Senior Project.  The deadline to do so is this Friday May 1st.  Again, this is not meant for you to go out and find a Sponsor and a Senior Project that meets this guideline.  This is only a “Do No Harm” attempt by your Senior Project advisors to not take an experience away that would work for you and that your Sponsor wants you to continue with.  Any projects that have you leaving your house for any reason will absolutely not be approved, no exceptions.  We will contact each Sponsor that would like to continue with your Senior Project from home and verify his or her commitment to our policy of having you remain at home.  We will also be contacting your parent or guardian again for confirmation that this will be completed in your home, not anywhere else.
      I know that this is disappointing for many of you that had great plans for your Senior Project.  You planned to shadow a physician or a nurse in one of our many local hospitals or healthcare facilities.  You were going to shadow engineers or professors in labs.  You were going to contribute by volunteering at a museum, Nature Center, or other public place.  You were going to work with our teachers and younger students in this District.  You were going to do great things.  You still will.  It just cannot be right now.

Senior Project Information

Class of 2020
Your Senior Project Advisors are:
Mr. Schmidt - Aandal – Good  
Mrs. O'Brien - Goodwin – Peebles
Mrs. Dora - Pelletier – Zarders
Please come see us if you have any questions about Senior Project.  Our goal is to make the process as easy for you as we possibly can.  If you are having issues with something, let us help you work through it.
If you are having trouble joining our Google Classroom, please let your advisor know and ask for help!

Senior Project Documentary


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Senior Project Forms

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