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Comments made regarding 3/17 meeting: 
"I think the purpose of the vision statement is to make a general proclamation.  The specifics will unfold in the detailed action steps."
"I agree with what was described in the notes. I would echo the concern that John indicated as well -- can grandiose ever be measurable? B."
Comments made regarding 3/5 meeting:
"All look good. One minor suggestion would be to change professional development to professional learning"
"The core beliefs look good and I agree with staying the course (although a May timeline is ambitious).  The only other feedback I would include is that I would want our technology to be cutting-edge, that we have a plan for ongoing replacement, and that cutting-edge is defined through careful research about the teaching and learning process." 
"Core Beliefs Ideas:
  • Provide adequate training for students.  (Not all staff members will infused technology in the same manner.  Plus, students will need training to succeed for future online testing)
  • Develop a clear maintenance and upgrade plan for current and new technology.
  • Build capacity to become recognized as a rich technology infused district (brain storming idea)
  • Develop an info structure to support a 1:1 environment for all staff and students in the district. (brain storming idea-though it may take a while to achieve 1:1, if there is going to be an overhaul, then this overhaul should support a 1:1 environment)
  • Do we want to make technology accessible to the community? (brain storming idea- evening or weekend classes, maker spaces, family technology day, etc.)"
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