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3-25-2015 Meeting Minutes

.The committee began this meeting by revisiting discussion from the prior meeting about Technology Vision.  There was some question/concern regarding whether or not a date should be included in the vision.  Ultimately the following vision statement was agreed upon:

"By 2020 the Shaker Heights City School District will be recognized as a leader in the integration of technology in transforming the teaching-learning process in order to improve student achievement" 

The group then began discussion around technology goals.  In the end, six broad goals were decided upon.  They are:
  1. Technology Infrastructure - Refresh and maintain core technology infrastructure in order to create a strong foundation which can support the demands of 21st century teaching and learning and the Shaker experience. 
  2. Staffing - Create a comprehensive Information Technology department that provides customer service and ongoing, job-embedded professional learning to staff
  3. Budget - Create a process for purchasing technology that aligns expenditures with district strategic plan goals
  4. Technology Selection and Standardization - Adopt a process for implementing new technology and for abandoning current technology that does not directly support the technology plan
  5. Technology Professional Learning - Provide staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to utilize and integrate technology into teaching and learning
  6. 24 x 7 Learning Environments - Research and select a common learning management system to assist teachers in facilitating the delivery of course content and to foster 24 x 7 learning
There are only draft goals and further discussion will take place during the next meeting on 4/16. 
You may download a draft of the Technology Plan (PDF version | MS Word version).  The draft version includes the six goals listed above as well as initial work on strategic initiatives for each goal. 
 If you were unable to attend the 3-25 meeting but would like to comment, please visit the Missed a Meeting page to provide your input.

3-17-2015 Meeting Minutes

This meeting began with a short review of the core beliefs created during the 3-5 meeting.  We then moved into the process of developing our technology vision statement.  Parameters for developing the vision included:

  • it should be rather bold and grandiose
  • it should be measurable
  • it should have a timeline

It was also indicated that the creation of the vision statement can often be the most difficult step in the process.

In my opinion, this was the most difficult step thus far.  I found it difficult to balance being bold, grandiose, and making broad strokes with the specificity required to also be measureable and have a timeline.  Personally, this created some dissonance as these requirements seem more contradictory than complimentary.
We were then split into three groups and given the task to complete the following statement:
"The vision for technology in Shaker Heights City Schools is..." 
Midway through the group work session a 'gallery walk' was performed allowing members from each group to see what others were thinking and listen to their rationale.
In conclusion, the entire committee assembled together to review each of the three draft vision statements.  View three draft visions by clicking the thumbnails below.  
We were able to find common themes among each draft vision our work will continue during our next meeting to refine.  In addition, our next meeting will move us into technology goal setting.
If you were unable to attend the 3-17 meeting but would like to comment, please visit the Missed a Meeting page to provide your input.

3-5-2015 Meeting Minutes

At the onset of the meeting there was a discussion regarding the timeline for completion (May) and the progress made thus far.  Concern was shared that perhaps we needed to expedite the process and move directly into goal setting and action plans.  The ESC facilitator commented that he would do whatever we wanted; however, he provided a caveat to shortcutting the process.

By not setting core beliefs and following the entire planning process, we risk several problems:
  1. Lack of buy in from all stakeholders. 
  2. Lack of a solid foundation (bigger than technology) from which to base future decisions.  If we do not have a core set of beliefs against which we gauge our decisions, we will be guided by superficiality and risk falling victim 'flavor-of-the-month' planning

This said, the committee decided to stay the course and proceed with the planning process. 

  • Primary focus of this meeting was on the development of our core beliefs about technology
  • ESC representative facilitated the meeting  
  • Committee members were divided into two groups of equal size and given the task to brainstorm responses to the prompt "We believe technology should be..."
  • Each group worked for approximately 15 minutes and developed their respective lists

The discussion was very engaging and all participants were contributing their input equally.  It was interesting to hear how each person's perspective was focused based on their role in the District.  Especially enlightening and informative was the opinion of our student committee member, David Shakno.

  • Two groups met as a whole and both flip charts were displayed showing each set of technology beliefs
  • One member of each group reported out
  • Facilitator then guided the group in a process of eliminating duplicates and identifying a set of unique beliefs

 It was interesting to observe the duplicates and even more interesting to see the beliefs that were unique between the groups.

  • With the two belief lists now only showing unique items, each group member was given six votes. 
  • Each committee member then voted for the beliefs about which they felt most strongly - multiple votes for one belief was permissible.
  • In the end, this process led us to our fundamental, core beliefs about technology.  These beliefs will guide the remainder of our planning as well as future technology decisions.

View Technology Core Beliefs

If you were unable to attend the 3/5 meeting or thought of something else you would like to add, the committee would like to hear it.  Please use the link below to provide your input after reflecting on the meeting minutes and Technology Core Beliefs.
Be heard here

2-4-2015 Meeting Minutes

First meeting of the District Technology Plan Committee

Attendance was taken and introductions took place

Representatives from the ESC, facilitators for the meeting, discussed how the planning process would unfold over the next several meetings.
  • development of core beliefs about technology
  • creation of technology core values and mission
  • setting of SMART goals
  • development of action plans

Our next meeting date was established. 

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