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Facts About Your Library

The Middle School Library program is a key component of the educational program and supports all subject area curricula. The information, technology, and media literacy skills in the library curricula form the basis for collaborative efforts with teachers to expand student understanding and abilities. The use of library resources is combined with subject area lessons and activities so that the skills required to use specific resources are taught at the point where students need to make use of them. In this way, students can see the benefit of understanding these tools as they use them in the work they are doing for classes. Instructional concepts covered at both the seventh and eighth grade levels include:

  • Orientation to the library and its resources

  • Critical evaluation of information and use of online resources, both free and subscription

  • Use of a research model to guide inquiry, which develops the ability to access, select, evaluate, and synthesize information from a wide variety of resources

  • Strategies for searching for information in various formats (online, print, database, etc.)

  • Use of technology tools and applications that support learning activities

  • Guidance in the ethical use of information resources

  • Creation of media in a variety of formats as indicated by assigned classroom projects

  • Fostering reading for academic and personal interests through book talks, individual reading guidance, and participatory events (contests, book clubs, etc.)

The Middle School Library program encourages students to use its resources in a variety of ways. Their teachers schedule time for classes in the library for research and instruction. Students may use the library independently during conference periods, study hall periods, and as needed from a class with teacher permission. Students can also participate as library assistants, a service activity that they can join as their schedule permits.

The Middle School Library program provides a variety of resources for student use:

  • A large collection of print and visual media

  • A wide range of online subscription databases providing reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.), magazines and journals, videos, etc.

  • Computers, cameras, and other equipment for projects and papers

Many library resources are also available on the virtual Middle School Library at www.shaker.org. A number of these information/database resources require access codes provided to students by the library staff. These online resources are available at school and at home, providing 24/7/365 access to the library.

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Our Staff

Ms. Quarles guides students in their assignments and projects with a focus on information literacy skills: finding, evaluating, and using the best resources, in print, in media and online. She also encourages reading--both fiction and nonfiction--for all students. Ms. Quarles collaborates with teachers to create learning experiences that challenge students to extend their learning. She also selects resources to include in the library and support technology use throughout the Middle School.
Mrs. Tania Zucca, Library Technician
Mrs. Zucca helps students and teachers in using library resources. She manages all activity at the circulation desk, handling all new materials, and organizing them in the library. Along with the librarian, her goal is to provide a welcoming and productive center for learning.
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