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 David Glasner


District and Department Leadership:
David Boyer
Buildings & Grounds
Dr. Lawrence Burnley
Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer
Bryan Christman
Holly Coughlin
Executive Director, Shaker Schools Foundation
Director, School Leadership
Vic Ferrell
District Safety & Security Supervisor
Jeffrey Grosse
Chief Operating Officer
Tiffany Joseph
Director, Human Resources

Elizabeth Kimmel
Director, Exceptional Children

Dr. John Moore
Director, Curriculum & Instruction

Chris Rateno
Director, Student Data Systems &  Accountability

John Rizzo
Executive Director, Technology 
& Media Services

Dr. Marla Robinson
Chief Strategic Priorities Officer

Scott Stephens
Executive Director, Communications 
& Engagement

Erin Spevak
 Transportation Supervisor

Eric Juli
Shaker Heights 
High School
Michelle Hughes
Shaker Heights
Middle School 
Eric Forman
Elementary School
Neal Robinson
Elementary School
Christopher Hayward
Elementary School 
George Clark
Lomond Elementary School
Roneisha Campbell
Elementary School
Dora Bechtel
Elementary School

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