Shaker Jumpstart Begins July 6

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 David Glasner


Superintendent's Leadership Team:

Bryan Christman


Dr. Marla Robinson

Chief Academic Officer 
Jeffrey Grosse
Chief Operating Officer

Scott Stephens

Executive Director, Communications
& Engagement

John Rizzo

Executive Director, Technology
& Media Services
Holly Coughlin
Executive Director, Shaker Schools Foundation 


Dr. Erin H. Herbruck

Director, Primary Education
Micki Krantz
Director, Secondary Education 

Elizabeth Kimmel

Director, Pupil Services
Chris Rateno
Director, Student Data Systems &  Accountability
David Boyer
Buildings & Grounds
Erin Spevak
Transportation Supervisor
Vic Ferrell
District Safety & Security Supervisor

Eric Juli
Shaker Heights 
High School

Miata E. Hunter

Shaker Heights
Middle School

H. Danny Young

Elementary School

Neal S. Robinson

Elementary School

Christopher Hayward

Elementary School
George Clark
Lomond Elementary School (Interim)
J. Lindsay Florence
Elementary School
Eric Forman
Elementary School
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