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Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

  • Read with your child daily. Talk about the story and pictures. For suggestions, see our reading list.
  • Find books about going to kindergarten and riding the school bus.Your librarian can help you choose.
  • Choose a "letter of the day" and have your child think of words that start with that sound.
  • Have fun with numbers: Count trucks as you drive, or play games that involve counting.
  • Give your child simple responsibilities at home.
  • Visit places like the Shaker Library, Nature Center, Family Center, museums, and the zoo.
  • Visit the playground at the school your child will attend.


By fall, your child should be able to:

  • Give his or her full name as well as the names of parents/guardians.
  • Remember his or her address and phone number.
  • Dress, zip, button clothes, put on boots, and tie laces.
  • Use the restroom independently and remember to wash hands.
  • Listen to and follow simple directions.
  • Play cooperatively with other children.
  • Recognize his or her own name in print.
  • Count to 10 and recognize colors, shapes, numbers, and letters of the alphabet.


Make your registration appointment today. Call the Registrar's Office at (216) 295-4321 or e-mail Glo Morris at [email protected].