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Plan for Return to Safe In-Person Instruction

The District is planning for a return to in-person instruction for the 2021-2022 school year. Details are as follows:

  • Classes will begin August 25, 2021. 

  • In-person learning will be the default learning model for all students. We know that students best learn when they are in the classroom with their teachers and their peers. 

  • We do not plan to offer concurrent instruction, where teachers are teaching to students who are in-person and remote at the same time. 

  • Students who are unable to attend school in person for medical reasons must submit medical documentation to the District registrar’s office. Please note that medical documentation must be kept up to date, particularly as vaccine eligibility and availability becomes more widespread. To reach the registrar’s office, call (216) 295-4321. 

  • For students who are unable to attend school in person, the District will work with families individually to provide appropriate educational services.

  • The District is adding a Raider Time support period for K-4 students to provide targeted instruction to students who need additional support. The support period will take place several days a week before the 9:05 a.m. start time, and the District will provide transportation to those who qualify. Additional information will be shared closer to the start of the school year. 

  • High School students will be in person all days of the week, with an eight-period block schedule.

  • The Innovative Center for Blended Learning (IC) will continue to provide an alternate and blended-learning setting for High School students. For additional information, please reach out to the IC Coordinator, Matt Simon, at [email protected].