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Middle Years Programme, Grades 5-10

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) spans Grades 5-10, linking student experiences across Woodbury, the Middle and High School. The MYP provides a framework for integrating state and national content standards in a way that is authentic and relevant, engaging students through inquiry and other learner-centered approaches. In this way, curriculum and content remain at the core of teaching and learning, yet serve the greater purpose for the development of attributes and skills fulfilling Shaker’s Mission. Learn more about the MYP from the International Baccalaureate Organization.

8th Grade Community Project
The Community Project is a collaborative service project for all eighth grade students that provides an opportunity for students to develop attributes of the International Baccalaureate learner profile, build their approaches to learning skills, take action on a community issue and foster the development of lifelong learning.

During the Community Project, students meet with their Middle School teacher-mentors ten times on a direct or indirect service project of their choosing. Projects can range from writing a letter to a company/organization or simply leaving kind/inspirational messages on student lockers. Project topics have included homelessness, drug awareness and prevention, lead poisoning, bullying prevention, animal rescue and elementary reading programs. Students present their projects at an after-school Community Project Showcase.  

10th Grade Personal Project
The 10th Grade Personal Project is the culminating event of the MYP. This project is a product, event or experience that captures and reflects the learning and development that the student has experienced over the course of their entire education.

Much like the Exhibition in the Primary Years Programme (Grade 4), 8th Grade Community Project and Senior Project (Grade 12), the Personal Project provides an opportunity for students to explore their passions, inner-most thoughts, capabilities and future trajectory.

Students who successfully complete the Personal Project are awarded with a .25 independent study credit on their transcript, providing evidence of their dedication to lifelong learning and action. They also are recognized at an awards ceremony and receive an engraved plaque.

Learn more at our Personal Project website or from one of the following resources:

MYP Policies

These policies serve as Shaker's statement of philosophical belief and practice on assessment, academic honesty, special education needs and language. They are annually reviewed to ensure that they continue to reflect both our current practices as well as our aspirations.


MYP Coordinators

Woodbury: Amy Brodsky
Middle School: Addie Tobey
High School: Molly Peabody