A Night for the Red & White

A Night for the Red & White will be virtual this year! The goal is the same: To raise funds in support of every student in the District. Click "Read More" to learn about our annual fundraiser!
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About the Equity Advisory and Action Team

On January 7, 2020, the Equity Advisory and Action Team held its first meeting meeting. The selected participants were chosen from 137 strong applications and are representative of the many facets of the Shaker Heights City School District. The Equity Advisory and Action Team  will serve as thought partners with District leadership as they work to operationalize the Educational Equity Policy. The members of the team are listed below. (District administrators and staff members appear in bold.)  
Lydia Beard 
Katherine Bissett 
Christian Capece
Angel Chapman 
Marcie Denton 
Alex Dykema 
Vicki Elder 
Dalia Elimam 
Eric Forman 
David Glasner 
Ayesha Bell Hardaway 
Kimberly Harris 
Erin Herbruck 
Charniece Holmes 
Brittney Johnson 
Elizabeth Kimmel 
Micki Krantz 
Faisal Khan 
Keith Langford 
Amy Luzar 
Jessie Manning 
Lauren Martin 
Erica Merritt 
Joseph Miller 
John Moore 
John Morris 
Barbara Nolan 
Krysia Orlowski 
Mario A. Owens 
Darnell Parker 
Kimberly Ponce de Leon 
Sangeeta Prakash 
Anne Priemer 
Marla Robinson 
Christine A. Smith 
Julie Snipes-Rea 
Kandis Williams 
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