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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the tuition for these programs?
Tuition for the full-day program is $9000/year ($900/month). Tuition for the half-day program is $2000/year ($200/month).

2. Will scholarships be offered?
Discounts will be offered to families that have been approved for free/reduced meals. The tuition for those families will be as follows:
Full day: free meal annual tuition = $500.00 ($50.00/month); reduced meal annual tuition = $1,170.00 ($117.00/month)
Half day: free meal annual tuition = $200.00 ($20.00/month); reduced meal annual tuition = $260.00 ($26.00/month)

2. How often do I have to pay the tuition?
Tuition will be paid in 10 monthly installments (August-May). Payments will be required to be deducted from your bank account. 

3. How do I become eligible for a tuition reduction?
Tuition discounts are based on eligibility for free/reduced meals.  

4. How do I become eligible and be approved for free/reduced meals?
Eligibility for free/reduced meals is based on the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines. This information, along with an application for free/reduced meals, can be found on the District website HERE

5. Will before and aftercare be offered?
Yes, before and aftercare are offered for students in the full-day program, just as it is for grades K-4. Beforecare begins at 7 a.m.; aftercare ends at 6:30 p.m. 

6. Will my child be automatically enrolled for the following year of this program (if they meet the age guidelines)?
Students who have been in the program the previous year will be given priority. If they are returning to the same program, an application will not be required.

7. If my 3-year-old is enrolled for two years, will he/she have the same teacher?
Your child will have the possibility of having the same teacher two years in a row. Requests will be considered with the best interest of the student in mind.  

8. What if I really want my child in the full-day program but he/she is not accepted?
Your child can be put on a waitlist for the full-day program, or he/she may be offered a spot in your second-choice program, based on availability. 
9. Can my child go to the half-day program, and if a spot opens up, can he/she move to the full-day program?
You can choose to put your child on a waitlist for the full-day program while enrolled in the half-day program.  
10. How are you deciding who is accepted?
The District will do its best to accommodate as many students and first choices as possible. The District reserves the right to balance all classes to be reflective of the Shaker schools.  

11. When will I hear if my child is accepted into a program?
Information on the status of your enrollment application and registration information will be communicated by March 5.
12. What are the next steps if my child is accepted?
Parents must confirm their acceptance by initiating the registration process online. The registration process/requirements can be found HERE. As part of the online registration process, a phone appointment must be made with the Registrar's office. This appointment must be made by March 31. After that date, your child is at risk of losing their spot in the program. Parents must wait to register until they are notified of acceptance.
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