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Woodbury Elementary School

This Course Catalog contains all the essential information needed for students to plan their educational program. Please be sure to review the information on this page prior to making course selections. 

The courses selected each spring will determine the student’s schedule of classes for the next school year. Spring selections will result in individual class schedules that will be given to students in August.

You And Your Counselor

The School Counseling Department offers a variety of services to students, parents, faculty, and administration. The Woodbury School Counselors are Mark Lenczewski, [email protected], 216-295-4174 and Patricia Buckner, [email protected], 216-295-4175.

Courses Offered

Grade 5
Design: Digital Design Technology
Art: Art
Individuals & Societies: Individuals & Societies 5
Language Acquisition: Carousal - French, German, Latin, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese
Language & Literature: Language & Literature 5 
Mathematics: Math 5
Music: Orchestra, Band
Science: Integrated Sciences 5
Physical Education

Grade 6
Design: Sixth Grade Product Design Lab
Art: Art
Individuals & Societies: Individuals & Societies 6
Language Acquisition: French 6, Spanish 6, Mandarin Chinese 6, Latin 6, German 6
Language & Literature: Language & Literature 6 
Mathematics: Math 6
Music: Orchestra, Band
Science: Integrated Sciences 6
Physical Education
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