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Chromebook Protection Plan

All families with students in Grades 1-12 are strongly encouraged to purchase the Chromebook Protection Plan each school year. This optional fee of $25 fee covers the following per school year: 

  • Three accidental damage claims  (e.g. broken screen, liquid damage, missing keys)

  • One device replacement (lost or stolen)

  • One lost AC adapter replacement

Please note: The Chromebook Protection Plan is an annual fee that covers one Chromebook for one school year. If a family has more than one student with a District-issued Chromebook and would like to cover each device, a Chromebook Protection Plan would need to be purchased for each Chromebook. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase the Chromebook Protection Plan?
Beginning in August of each school year, for each family with student(s) in Grades 1-12, an optional $25 fee named “One2One Protection” will be loaded into PaySchools Central accounts. There will be one optional protection plan fee listed for each student who has been issued a Chromebook. Upon payment, the device issued to the student for whom payment was made will be covered for one academic school year. The $25 fee will not be prorated if paid after the start of the school year.

What if I do not Purchase the Chromebook Protection Plan and my Chromebook needs a repair?
Whether or not a Chromebook is covered by a Chromebook Protection Plan, upon needing repair, the student should follow their buildings repair process. If, at the time a Chromebook repair ticket is submitted and the Chromebook is WITHOUT a Chromebook Protection Plan, a $30 repair fee will be assessed and available for payment online via PaySchools Central.  

The Chromebook Protection Plan may be purchased anytime during the school year and will cover repairs made from the date of payment forward (i.e., coverage is not retroactive and does not cover repairs made/assessed prior to payment of the Chromebook Protection Plan).

Although not required, it is financially advantageous for parents/guardians to purchase the protection plan. At a minimum, just one repair of an unprotected Chromebook exceeds the protection plan cost.

Is anything NOT covered by the Chromebook Protection Plan?
Protective carrying cases are not covered by the plan. If these accessories are damaged, lost, or stolen, the student will be charged according to the fee schedule regardless of whether or not a Chromebook Protection Plan was purchased. These fees will be made available for payment online PaySchools Central.

How often do I purchase the Chromebook Protection Plan?
The Chromebook Protection Plan is an annual program that must be renewed each school year. Also, the plan is applied per Chromebook not per family. For example, in order to be fully covered, a family with two students in Grades 1-12 would need to purchase two Chromebook Protection Plans —one for each Chromebook.
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