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Black Teacher Task Force


The mission of the Shaker Heights City School Districts’ Black Teacher Task Force (BTTF) is to provide a safe space for Black Teachers. Historically and today, black faculty at Shaker have been underrepresented at both teacher and administrative ranks. This underrepresentation has created experiences of marginalization and bias for black teachers and faculty at Shaker, thus creating a pressing need for a space and platform specifically for black educators to not only address these distinctive experiences, but also to receive support while helping to create solutions. The Black Teacher Task Force also addresses the mental wellbeing and work environment by seeking understanding of the current climate of buildings while working towards dismantling the barriers in place that lead to many issues present in Shaker Heights City Schools. 

We seek to provide the district leadership with information that will give Black teachers the incentive to want to remain in Shaker. We also want to ensure that equity is provided in every aspect of the Black teachers’ employment experience. Overall, it is our goal to ensure that Black teachers in the Shaker Heights City School District are treated in such a manner that they are able to provide students with the best educational experience possible while celebrating their gifts and talents.


Our vision is to see that the District gives the current Black teachers a positive work experience as well as recruiting and retaining more qualified Black teachers in order to reflect the population of the student body.


  • Ensure that the current Black teachers have the mental wellbeing, support and resources needed to perform their duties.

  • Recruit and retain more Black teachers in the District.

  • Establish a mentoring process for current and new staff.

  • Provide District administration with data about the work environment and climate based on surveys completed by Black teachers.

  • Create a professional development environment that not only gives access to a rigorous curriculum for students of color, but also provides a supportive experience for black faculty throughout various areas in the district. This includes examining how students are grouped.

Steering Committee Members

Dr. Nicole Patterson (Co-Chair)

Brittany Webb (Co-Chair)

Donita Al- Amin

Selena Boyer

Lisa Hardiman

Nathaniel Reese

Alexandra Royal

Tito Vazquez

Derek White

Patricia Hitchens
Justin Lockhart
Yvette McClain
Liesl Beis
Black Teacher Task Force Steering Committee
Pictured here: The Black Teacher Task Force Steering Committee welcomes new principals Mrs. Roneisha Campbell and Mrs. Michelle Hughes in summer of 2021.


Dr. Nicole Patterson
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Learning Specialist

Brittany Webb
Enriched Math Teacher, Woodbury Elementary School