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                                               Boulevard Elementary School 
An International Baccalaureate
World School.  

Boulevard’s enrollment is 350.  This includes children from 33 countries including the United States.  We are proud of our diversity and our classrooms are heterogeneously grouped ensuring that all students benefit from the rich experiences of the diverse cultures present in our school.

• 20 to 24 in kindergarten and grade 1
• 22 to 26 in grades 2 through 4
• Maximum: 26
• Total student/faculty ratio (including specialists) is 13 to 1

Boulevard Elementary School is a beautiful and historic, three level Georgian building that sits on a 5 acre park-like campus.  Constructed in 1914, Boulevard was the original school building in Shaker Heights and celebrated its centennial during the 2013-2014 school year.  The school has 20 large classrooms as well as large rooms for music, art and tutoring.  A computer lab, full size gymnasium, large multipurpose room and an inviting library complete the building layout.  All classrooms are equipped with voice amplification systems, mounted projectors, a Smart Board and computers to enhance instruction.  There is upgraded green space with a varsity soccer field, a well designed playground with climbing structures and a paved area for recess activities.

At Boulevard our mission is to nurture students who are civic minded; who are confident, competent communicators skillful in problem solving, creative thinkers and who are knowledgeable of our global and multicultural society.

We accomplish this mission by engaging students in a concept based curriculum, an education for the understanding of significant ideas.  Through the exploration and re-exploration of concepts students develop an understanding and appreciation of ideas that transcends disciplines. Within this concept based curriculum teachers strive to make each learning experience authentic, relevant and transdisciplinary. For more information on transdisciplinary curriculum, please visit our International Baccalaureate page and view our Programme of Inquiry.

Beginning with full day kindergarten, children are exposed to the joy of reading, the thrill of seeing their thoughts transformed into written stories and published books, and the hands-on application of scientific and mathematical concepts. 

The school employs a balanced approach to literacy which includes differentiated guided reading, phonics and writing lessons as well as hands-on mathematics.   Science and social studies instruction drive the creation of many unit planners or inquiry studies.  The central idea of each unit is based on a transdisciplinary theme and incorporates the district and state academic content standards.  Language arts skills as well as mathematics are regularly integrated into each unit of study.  Students learn computer basics beginning in kindergarten and teachers regularly infuse technology into their lessons to enhance learning through student engagement.  

The regular education classroom teacher provides daily instruction in:

• Math
• Language Arts (reading, writing, listening, speaking)
• Social Studies
• Science

Specialists provide regularly scheduled instruction in:

• Art (45 minutes per week)
• Library (45 minutes per week)
• Music (45 minutes per week)
• Physical Education (90 minutes per week)
• Mandarin, Grades 1-4 (45-60 minutes per week)

Field trips and assemblies enhance the curriculum.  Destinations for field trips include local parks and arboreta, Cleveland’s renowned Museum of Art and Museum of Natural History, the planetarium at Shaker Heights High School, the Science Center at Woodbury Elementary School and the Shaker Historical Museum.  Assemblies include the Cleveland Museum of Art’s, Art-To-Go, visits from artists, musicians and dancers with Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio and local and national authors.

For more information about the curriculum at Boulevard contact Colleen Longo, Principal, at 216/295-4020 or Bernice Stokes, Assistant Superintendent/Academic Support Services, at 216/295-4327.

Co-Curricular Activities:
Co-curricular activities are carefully coordinated to complement the school program and build a sense of community.  Some activities are provided by the school while others are made possible by the PTO (Visit our PTO homepage).  Some co-curricular activities at Boulevard include:

• Back-to-School Bash
• Chess Club
• Student Book Group
• Annual Fitness Quest and Field Day
• School Carnival
• Student Newspaper
• All School Art Show

Boulevard Times Fall 2012
Boulevard Times Spring 2013

Faculty and Staff:

Boulevard’s faculty members are known for their scholarship, professionalism and accessibility.  Faculty members are heavily involved in curriculum design and meet weekly to collaboratively write units of inquiry, reflect on their teaching and to analyze evidence of student learning.  More than 90% of the faculty hold a master’s degree or higher.  In addition to its 15 classroom teachers Boulevard’s faculty includes:

• Special Education Intervention Specialists and Tutor
• Art, Music and Physical Education Teachers
• Mandarin Teacher (Grades 1-4)
• Librarian
• Nurse
• School Psychologist
• Enrichment Resource Teacher
• Speech and Language Pathologist
• Kindergarten Readiness Teacher (KRP)
• Skills Improvement Specialist
• English Language Learner Tutors

Visit our Staff Directory page for more information about our faculty and staff.

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