The Action Cycle


A primary goal of the PYP is for students to engage in voluntary, meaningful action as a result of their learning. This action may be large or small and should be the result of reflection within each unit of inquiry. Student action may happen at school, home or in the community. Individual students, groups or the entire school community may take action. Action provides students opportunities to grow socially and personally, while they develop the skills required to participate in a global society. Critical thinking, problem solving, cooperation, and conflict resolution are just a few of the myriad skills students develop through action. 

Some examples of student-initiated action include:

  • Initiating a discussion about what they learned in school.
  • Asking to go to a museum or other place of interest in the community as a result of their learning.
  • Independently signing out a book from the library that will extend their thinking and knowledge beyond the classroom.
  • Getting involved in the local community as a volunteer such as: visiting elders in a nursing home, writing letters to our troops, and walking dogs at a shelter.
  • Working with community leaders to create more green spaces within the community.
  • Creating a group to do a neighborhood clean-up. 

Essential Agreements are written by Mercer staff and students to promote reflective, responsible citizenship within the school community. (View Mercer's Staff Essential Agreements for 2016-2017). The RULER program teaches students how to become reflective, emotionally literate people. Mercer is also implementing a mindfulness program to assist students with focus and self-regulation. All of these learning experiences work together to develop young people who are reflective, responsible, service-oriented members of society.

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