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February 2018 Newsletter: Board Policies 101

Each quarter, the seven-member Board of Education Policy Committee meets to discuss the Board Policy Manual, which identifies District policies and serves as a reference for the Board, administrators, teachers and the broader school community. The most recent Board Policy Manual was adopted on December 7, 2015, though it is regularly updated based on recommendations from the Ohio School Boards Association.

All Board Policy Committee meetings are open to the public. Members of the Committee include:

  • Superintendent Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr.

  • Chief of Staff Dr. Marla Robinson

  • Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations Dr. Stephen Wilkins

  • Treasurer Bryan Christman

  • Executive Director of Communications and Public Relations Scott Stephens

  • Board of Education member Ayesha Bell Hardaway

  • Board of Education member Lisa Cremer

To learn more about proposed changes to the Board Policy Manual, visit Board Docs, click on the Meetings tab, select a meeting date and then view the agenda for that meeting. Any proposed changes to Board policies will be included under “Action Items—Board of Education.”