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Congrats to Shaker's 39 National History Day Award Winners

March 5, 2018—Congratulations to the following students who competed and won recognition at the Regional National History Day event Saturday, March 3. Of the 97 High School students and 21 Middle school students who competed this past weekend, 24 of these students will be continuing to compete at the State Championship April 21 at Ohio Wesleyan University.  A total of 39 Shaker students were recognized at this event for their outstanding work as historians.

Shaker students were honored in the following categories:

Junior Group Documentary
First Place: Will Corbin, Henry Hart; Project Title: The Paris Peace Accords: The Downfall of Diplomacy

Senior Research Paper
Third Place: Eliana Good; Project Title: Billie Jean King: Conflict met with Compromise through the Battle of the Sexes

Junior Research Paper
Third Place: Michael Duncan; Project Title: “More than Football”—The Michigan & Ohio War over Toledo

Senior Individual Website
Second Place: Sophia Stein; Project Title: The Brink of Nuclear War and How We Overcame It

Senior Group Website
Second Place: Natalie Green, Alison Lupton and Caitlin Bocks; Project Title: Quakers in Mount Pleasant: Pacifism or Abolitionism?

Senior Group Performance
First Place: Delaney Fedawa, Kimya Taheri; Project Title: Operation Ajax

Senior Group Documentary
First Place: Theordora Bowne and Ava Yacovone; Project TItle: Four Dead in Ohio: The Kent State Shooting
Second Place: Tiffany Hsich, Sedona Jolly, Kavi Warrier; Project Title: Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

Senior Individual Exhibit
Third Place: McKenzie Curry; Project Title: Where the Rubber Meets the Road: The Freedom Riders Fight To Desegregate Interstate Transit
Honorable Mention: Sarah Cawley; Project Title: Asilomar II: Resolving the Debate Between Science and Ethics
Honorable Mention: Molly Harper; Project Title: The Rosie the Riveter Campaign: Putting America's Women to Work

Senior Group Exhibit
Third Place: Margaret Barry, Emily Cawley; Project Title: Liberty for Women in Wyoming
Honorable Mention:  Madison Peebles, Katie Stewart; Project Title: Brown v. Board of Education: End of Education Segregation
Honorable Mention: Aaliyah Williams, Marina DeNunzio; Project Title: Those Who Work with Their Arms: The Opportunities, Exploitations, and Reasons Behind the Bracero Program

The following students were honored with special awards:

Jewish History by the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage
Jordan Green & Isaac Weiss, Senior Group Exhibit

Local History by the Early Settlers Association of the Western Reserve
Senior Group Documentary: Kevin Jiang, Jonathan Mullen, Ben White 
Group Website: Kaley Buchannan, Josh Shankman, Patrick McGuan 
Junior Group Performance: Nathalie River, Mary Basilion, Izzy Hart, Maria Krouse, Lillian Potiker

Shaker Library Research Prize by Shaker Heights
Junior Group Performance: Lillian Potiker, Nathalie River, Mary Basilion, Maria Krouse, Izzy Hart 

Baseball Heritage Museum Prize
Group Website: Kaley Buchannan, Josh Shankman, Patrick McGuan

Facing History and Ourselves Upstander Award
Individual Exhibit: Molly Harper

The LGBTQ History Award
Senior Paper: Ose Arheghan

Sons of the American Revolution Patriotism Award
Junior Performance: Hazel Smith, Hayley Child, Annemarie Lehman, Sara Albers 

Shaker’s History Day Teachers: Sarah Davis, Joseph Konopinski, Amy Wadsworth, from the High School, in addition to the Middle School’s David Saluga and the Student Advisors for the Middle School Team: Abigail Aronoff, Emma Ponitz, Fenner Dreyfus-Wells, Katrina Cassell.