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A Follow-Up Statement Regarding Events on Thursday, Feb. 22
On Thursday, February 22, 2018, Shaker Heights Schools sent communication to our families regarding a social media threat toward an unidentified school. It has been determined that there was no threat to Shaker Heights High School or any other building in our District. That message has since been identified as originating from Springfield, Ohio, and directed toward Springfield High School. A Springfield student has been arrested in connection with that message.

The Shaker Heights Police Department and the District were made aware of the online message Thursday morning when a Shaker family reported to a SHPD dispatcher that their student and others had received a threat via social media. The dispatcher alerted the SHPD officials, all of whom who followed the proper protocols. In this case, the call was received at the start of the High School day and SHPD treated the threat as a real one until investigation proved otherwise. 

As stated in previous communications, we will continue to work with SHPD on preventative measures, such as random searches of lockers and safety protocols, to deter students from bringing contraband into our buildings. Further, our students and families are our best partners in safety: they know that when they see something suspicious, it's crucial to say something to an adult in charge.

Though Thursday may have been unnerving to our families, students, faculty and staff, the District sincerely appreciates the Shaker Heights Police Department for their swift reaction. In addition to their prompt response to the initial concern, we also thank the SHPD for their quick and thorough investigation of the information they received. Due to their efforts, we have been able to ensure there was no threat to Shaker Heights Schools.

Resources to help parents, educators and students: