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March 2018 Newsletter: Family Spotlight—The Jones Family

The Jones familyLast October, Fernway fourth grade student Eva Jones paid a visit to the school nurse, Louise Haffke. She complained of chest pain.

Never dismissive, Mrs. Haffke checked Eva’s blood pressure and noted that it was high, so she cautiously monitored Eva throughout the day. Eva’s mom, Chris Jones, remembers getting a phone call from Mrs. Haffke at the end of the day. “Even though Eva had just had her well check two weeks prior, she recommended that I take Eva to her pediatrician,” says Mrs. Jones. So off Eva went to her doctor for an EKG, which indicated an abnormality. After several tests and visits to a cardiologist, Eva was diagnosed with Long QT syndrome, a heart condition that can be lethal to young athletes. Long QT is also genetic, so the entire Jones family was tested. 

Following the tests, the family learned that Mrs. Jones and three of the Jones children have a Long QT.  “Three of our four children are competitive swimmers,” explains Mrs. Jones. “It’s very possible that this diagnosis saved at least one of our children’s lives.” 

Today, the Jones family members with a Long QT are receiving treatment and doctors are confident that they will continue to live active lives.  “We are so grateful for the care Mrs. Haffke gave Eva. Our nephrologist recently mentioned what a fabulous job our school nurse has done in terms of providing data and support. It has made his job so much easier and helps Eva get the care she needs,” says Mrs. Jones. “Mrs. Haffke is a treasure to Fernway and the entire Shaker School system. We are very thankful.”