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ODE Offers 3rd & 4th Grade Students Opportunity to Practice AIR Tests Online

Our students will be taking practice tests  here at school but you may also help them take practice tests at home.  The Ohio Department of Education (ODE)now offers an online link to practice tests:  Ohio’s State Tests 2017-18.  This link will enable parents and students to access the Practice Site Guidance Document.  This document will explain:

  • What’s new for 2017-2018

  • About the tests and the test items

  • How to sign-in and select the practice tests

  • How to navigate the student practice site

Also from this link you can enter the Student Practice Site by clicking on this picture: Student Practice Site

To sign in, simply click ‘Sign-In’ (You will see that you are signing in as a guest).  On the next page, select your grade and then click:  YES.  From the next screen, you can choose a practice test.  Our students will only be taking the English Language Arts and the Mathematics tests (so there is no need to spend any time on the 4th grade Social Studies tests).  Be sure to try out the Spring 16 and Spring 17 Released Items.  These are actual questions that were on tests over the last two years.  The next page you come to will be the ‘Choose Settings’ page.  I recommend that you leave the settings as they are.  On the next page, confirm all is correct by clicking YES again.  Next you will see the Instructions and Help page.  You can use the arrow button on the right side to scroll down through this information.  After you have reviewed it, you are ready to begin the test!  

 If you have any questions about navigating the practice tests, please contact the school office:  216-295-4050 or email Ms. McCauley at:  The exact days and times for these tests will be posted on this webseite as of March 19th.