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Woodbury Conference Guide FAQ

How do I sign up for conferences? Parents/guardians sign up at Curriculum Night— some teachers use online scheduling programs like Reminders for conference times are sent home with students.If parents/guardians need an alternate time, they should contact the teacher directly. If a cancellation is necessary, contact the office.

How long is a conference? Conferences last approximately 20 minutes.

Who attends the conference? Parents and students should attend the conferences together. Some teaching teams do their conferences together, while others hold the conference with the homeroom teacher who shares their team teacher’s information with the family.

Can siblings be accommodated? Childcare is not provided at conferences.

Where is the conference held? Conferences are held in the classrooms.

What does the teacher talk about? Teachers discuss the student's progress (strengths and weaknesses). Goals for the year are often shared along with what things can be done as a team to ensure success.

What kind of questions are typically asked by families? Families typically ask for ideas of what they can do at home to support the classroom experience. Others may ask about resources to enhance student learning, and about resources for their own support (especially if English is a second language).

What kind of questions would you like families to ask—things they may like to think about in advance and prepare? How is my child performing? How are their needs met in the classroom? Are assignments coming regularly? They should come ready to share concerns about progress.

Be sure toaccess “Progress Book” prior to the conference so that you can view the grades in every subject. Families can contact Mrs. Segesdy in the office for login information.

Do you have explanations for what all the acronyms and programs used mean?

Here are explanations of some of the most commonly used terms at Woodbury, but all teachers will explain any terms they use if you ask them:

  • Compass Learning is a computer program the students often use for homework. It connects with the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing program that the students take 3 times a year. Both these programs alter to fit each student’s learning profile.
  • WCC (Woodbury Creating Change) is run by the Art Department. It is a philanthropic program that combines creating art with raising money for a charitable organization that the students select. Parents/families are STRONGLY encouraged to get involved.
  • WWR (Woodbury World Records) is the annual PTO fundraiser. The money raised supports educational and school community building programs throughout the year, such as helping to fund the 6th Grade Camp in May. All students participate in physical and academic challenges, with classes competing against one another to achieve the highest totals, and it takes place during the Autumn. Many parent volunteers are needed for an hour at a time during the day to count the number of times each student performs a set task.
  • WPBS (Woodbury Positive Behavior Support): Students 'earn' tickets for following the school’s essential agreements (such as using a level one volume in the hallway). The tickets can go into a raffle to win tie-dying a special T-Shirt, or students can save them up to purchase something from the Woodbury store.