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Boulevard Conference Guide FAQ

How do I sign up for conferences? Some teachers have sign-up sheets at curriculum night or they send notes home. Other teachers use online sign-up programs like or

How long is a conference? 20-30 minutes

Who attends the conference? Classroom teacher, parent(s)/guardian(s), student, and sometimes additional teachers who work with the student (for example, ELL, Intervention Specialist, etc.)

Can siblings be accommodated? Absolutely! However, as a courtesy, please let the teacher know beforehand if additional children will attend.

Where is the conference held? In the teacher’s classroom or a pre-assigned room.

What does the teacher talk about? A positive achievement and something that needs a little bit of work (a “glow” and a “grow”), student assessment data, goals, and how parents/guardian(s) can support their child's learning.

What kind of questions do parents/guardians typically ask? How can they help support their child's learning at home? Concerns? Planning to meet their child's needs? This is their chance to ask anything and everything about their child!