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Mercer Conference Guide FAQ

How long is a conference? 20-30 minutes depending on the teacher​.

Who attends the conference? ​Most teachers request that students come with their parents/guardians​.

Can siblings be accommodated? It is a preference that siblings do not attend because there is no babysitting provided and the conference really should focus on the student. If siblings are old enough to manage by themselves safely, they have in the past sat outside the class and read a book or used their family’s electronic device.

Where is the conference held? ​Conferences are typically held at Mercer during conferences days in the classrooms. Depending on the teachers, there may be late night conferences available and alternative dates and times. In the past some teachers have opted to meet at the Lee Road Library.

What does the teacher talk about? Teachers typically discuss the student’s strengths, area of concern, data and set goals (reading, writing, math, behavior and IB)​.

What kind of questions are typically asked by families? What books should my child read? The name of a math/reading tutor? What does enrichment look like in your classroom? Do kids get pulled out? Why do you give homework? Who does my child play with?

What kind of questions would you like families to ask—things they may like to think about in advance and prepare? Think of a personal goal for your child in reading, writing, math, behavior, and IB.