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Onaway Conference Guide FAQ

How do I sign up for conferences? Parents/Guardians usually sign up at Open House at the beginning of the year. The school contacts families who do not attend Open House.

How long is a conference? Approximately 30 minutes

Who attends the conference? Parents/guardians and students.

Can siblings be accommodated? Childcare is not provided, but siblings are welcome.

Where is the conference held? In the teacher’s classroom.

What does the teacher talk about? Teachers discuss student academic and social progress. Teachers want to know how students feel about their experience, and what are they saying about school at home.

What kind of questions are typically asked by families? Questions about progress in school, social relationships, and what can they be doing at home to help.

What kind of questions would you like families to ask—things they may like to think about in advance and prepare? Student feelings about school are important and helpful to share with teachers.