Board of Education Statement on Shaker Heights City Schools Superintendent Search

January 18, 2018—With the departure of Shaker Heights City Schools Superintendent Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr., Ed.D, on June 30, the Board of Education has developed a plan to search for his replacement.

In the spring, the Board will appoint an interim superintendent while we embark on the process of finding a permanent leader. This timing will allow the interim superintendent to transition into his or her new role while Dr. Hutchings is still present. The interim superintendent’s priority will be to work with the District and Board of Education to keep our schools aligned with the goals of our Strategic Plan during the superintendent search process.

In the succeeding months, the Board will select a firm to assist with conducting a broad search that considers capable and qualified candidates from the District, the region and across the country. The search will move into high gear sometime in the fall of 2018. The first step in the process will be to work with our entire school community, Shaker Heights residents and community leaders to build a profile for the skill set and leadership qualities we want for our next superintendent. At the core, we are searching for an innovative leader who will passionately pursue our goals of excellence, equity and exploration for every student.

The Board is committed to an efficient and diligent selection process that thoughtfully considers stakeholder input. The appointment of an interim superintendent will provide the Board with the necessary time to hire the best candidate while enabling the District to continue moving forward with the goals of our Strategic Plan.

Please review this FAQ on the superintendent search:

Why did the Board decide to wait a year before pursuing a permanent replacement?

After consulting with educational search experts, community members, and others districts that are currently going through superintendent searches, two things were identified as being vital for a successful superintendent search. First, to identify the best candidate pool, it was clear that following a traditional search timeline is best. Existing superintendents or those planning to become superintendents follow a typical cadence of identifying potential roles in the fall, going through a search process in the winter, and signing a contract in the early spring.

Second, the Board placed significant value on involving the Shaker community in the process based on positive feedback from the prior search. It takes time to receive robust input for the leadership profile from students, parents, community members, and staff members.

How will the Board identify and select the interim superintendent?

Over the next few months, the Board will identify a number of candidates to operate the District for the 2018-19 academic year. As a group, the Board will interview candidates, verify references, and complete the appropriate qualification reviews, prior to selecting the interim superintendent. Importantly, given the short duration of the interim role, the selection process will not include a process for broad community input. The Board has already been in contact with resources that will help identify interim superintendent candidates.

Will the interim candidate be included in the permanent superintendent search?

No. The Board decided that the interim superintendent will not be considered as a candidate in the permanent superintendent search to avoid any favoritism or conflicts of interest.

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