Art Students win 74 Visual Arts Awards in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition

January 9, 2018—Congratulations to the art students from Shaker Heights High School and the Middle School who participated in the Scholastic Art and Writing competition. Shaker Heights High School was once again the top award-winning school, receiving 74 awards in the visual arts categories. Seniors Caroline Walsh received the American Vision Award, Ethan Vodrey received a Gold Key for his portfolio, Julia Shin received a Silver Key for her portfolio, and Trevor Brighton received an Honorable Mention for his portfolio. All Gold and Silver recipients' work will be on display from January 16 to February 2 at The Cleveland Institute of Art. 

2018 Gold Key Art Awards

Artwork demonstrating the highest levels of achievement in originality, personal voice, and technical skill. Gold Key art is forwarded to New York for national adjudication. Regionally, students are recognized with Gold Key pins, certificates, and an award ceremony at CIA on January 13, 2018.

  • Ethan Vodrey, Honeybee Habitats, Hexagons, and Hardships, Art Portfolio
  • Lara DeVito, Teacher, Drawing and Illustration
  • Emma Duhamel, Human Geography, Mixed Media
  • Sophia Geisler, Sekhmet, Mixed Media
  • Gabrielle Holt, Left Gone But I Am Still Here, Photography
  • Noa Immerman, Double Vision, Photography
  • Sedona Jolly, Eyes of Surprise, Drawing and Illustration
  • Sedona Jolly, Gratitude in Gray, Drawing and Illustration
  • Corin Manning, DREAM, Photography
  • Noa Marcus, In To The Spotlight, Drawing and Illustration; Brass Branch Comb, Jewelry
  • Joe Moore,Tourists, Digital Art
  • Indee Sanders, The Friday Night Chronicle, Painting
  • Audrey Seguin, From The Top, Photography
  • Julia Shin, Twin Blood, Painting; Korean//, Painting
  • Lia Snyder, Self Portrait, Drawing and Illustration
  • Isaiah Steiner, blur, Painting
  • Ethan Vodrey, Winter Pin, Jewelry
  • Caroline Walsh, The Bra Dress, Fashion, Gold Key, American Visions Nominee

2018 Silver Key Awards

Artwork demonstrating achievement worthy of recognition at the regional level. Students are recognized with Silver Key pins, certificates

  • Julia Shin, Selfhood, Art Portfolio, Silver Keyed to the exhibition
  • Oriana Anderson, The Raven, Jewelry
  • Kanella Basilion, Bless You!, Photography
  • Jaia Briggs, Self Portrait, Drawing and Illustration
  • Cheyenne Callahan, Potter Ware, Architecture & Industrial Design
  • Hana Flamm, Bretignolles-sur-Mer, Printmaking; Healing, Drawing and Illustration
  • Molly Harper, Self Portrait, Drawing and Illustration
  • Marissa Harris, Tahj, Drawing and Illustration
  • Gabrielle Holt, Beautiful Wreck, Photography
  • Shekinah Hooper, Medieval Crown, Jewelry
  • Alexa Jankowsky, Paris, Printmaking
  • Madeleine Laurent, Bealieu, Painting
  • Maria Maldonado, Bruce the Goose, Chuck the Duck,and Juan the Swan, Drawing and Illustration; Still Life, Painting
  • Alice Markey, Egg, Jewelry
  • Nazeeha Rios, Rose Etched Bracelet, Jewelry
  • Courtney Smith, Courtney Smith, Drawing and Illustration
  • Ethan Vodrey, Honeybee Bracelet, Jewelry; Varroa Mites Effect on Honeybees, Sculpture;
  • Cluster, Architecture & Industrial Design
  • Wendy Ye, Eyes of a Soul, Drawing and Illustration
  • Lara DeVito 

2018 Honorable Mention Art Recipients

Artwork demonstrating creative potential. Honorable Mention recipients receive a certificate and are invited to CIA for an award reception, January 13, 2018. Honorable Mention artwork will be displayed digitally in the gallery on monitors.

  • Trevor Brighton, Drawing My Reality, Art Portfolio
  • Oriana Anderson, Anxiety, Jewelry
  • Lindsey Bradley, A Grand Love, Painting
  • Hannah Braun, Sleep Walker, Photography; Enclosed, Photography
  • Emma Duhamel, Inhibitions in Relations Between People, Sculpture; Observational Painting of an Egg, Painting
  • Hana Flamm, Indiscriminate, Painting
  • Evan Forsyth, Self-Portrait of Evan Forsyth, Drawing and Illustration
  • Ximena Gomez, Mankind vs. Elements, Architecture & Industrial Design
  • Alexa Jankowsky, Double-Edged, Printmaking
  • Phillip Kalafatis, The Bee, the Flower, and the Boy, Painting
  • Elisa Katz, Victorian Choker Necklace, Jewelry
  • Maria Maldonado, Maria, Painting; Head in the Clouds, Drawing and Illustration
  • Corin Manning, Déjà Vu, Photography
  • Alice Markey, Doorbell, Jewelry
  • Sarah Moran, Destruction of Purity, Painting
  • Sarah Oldford, Two Faced, Photography
  • Tyanna Reeves, Self Portrait, Drawing and Illustration
  • Julia Shin, //American, Painting
  • Kaitlyn Smith, Frozen Alive, Photography
  • Lia Snyder, Southerly, Drawing and Illustration
  • Enna van den Akker, Ice Cream Shoe, Ceramics & Glass
  • Ethan Vodrey, Resistance, Mixed Media; Honeycomb Bracelet, Jewelry; Bee Bomb, Sculpture
  • Rachel Weisman, Hair Down, Drawing and Illustration
  • Alex Winthrop, Skin Deep, Digital Art
  • Wendy Ye, Ricochet, Film & Animation
  • Mia Compton-Engle, Mia, Drawing and Illustration, Shaker Heights Middle School
  • Lucia Fernandez-Binder, Climate Change Comic Strip, Comic Art, Shaker Heights Middle School
  • Lilith Joachimsmeyer-Gordon, Attempt At Normalcy, Drawing and Illustration, Shaker Heights Middle School

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