Art Exposed IX

Visit Art Exposed IX, an exhibition of artwork by students in grades 7-12, on display at Shaker Heights Main Library through May 23.
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German Students Honored

May 11, 2017—This week, the High School German Department held its 2017 awards dinner and honored the following students:

National German Honors Society Inductees, Delta Epsilon Phi (students must have at least three semesters of German, a 3.5 overall GPA and a GPA in German of 3.6)—Wilder Geier, Renold Mueller, Allison Stewart, Andy Deniers, Ben Friedman, Felecia Hamilton, Rachel Podl, Yael Shafron, Tessa Shlonsky, Emma Neil, Jan Schomerus, Katherine Coate, Lindsey Bradley, Adam Slovikovsky, Kayin Claytor, Prajwal Sharma

National German Exam Award Winners
Level 2
GOLD Medal: Camille Lamb, Daniel Pitas, Elizabeth Brown, Kaitlin Nordstrom
SILBER Medal: Asher Caruso, Colin Boyle, Leah Floyd, Lia Gomez Perez
BRONZE Medal: Brandon Duffett, Ethan Weingart, Grace Kerns, Harlan Friedman-Romell, Jessica Kaups, Joshua Skubby, Kelan Coate, Lauren Hertzer, Mae Harris, Trent Meyer
ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Courtney Wheeler, Christopher Min, Molly Amolsch, Matt Weintraub, Cora Albers, Zachary Reape

Level 3
GOLD Medal: Renold Mueller, Rachel Podl
SILBER Medal: Ben Friedman, Adnan Reddy
BRONZE Medal: Ellie Vahey, Kayin Claytor, Wilder Geier, Prajwal Sharma, Hayden Steiss
ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Andy Deniers, Ben Stager, William Seguin, Norah Clark, Allison Stewart, Stephen Stratton, Meredith Frothingham, Laurel Parsons, Caleb Segar, Felecia Hamilton, Michael Kohler, Ellie Shafron

Level 4
GOLD Medal: Emma Neil, Jan Schomerus, Maya Gulani, Katrina Cassell,
SILBER Medal: Ava Gerami, Ally Nordstrom, Elizabeth Patterson, Caroline Webster
BRONZE Medal: Carl Berner, Katherine Coate, Brendan Frothingham, Schuyler Butze, Claire Connors, Ryan Duffett, Watson Moore
ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Caroline Kruithoff, Meagan Mitchell, Sarah White

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