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Shaker Shines In Ohio Junior Classical League Convention 2017

Shaker Heights Latin Club

Front row to back, left to right: Max Carroll, Owen Lockwood, Hannah Shane, Matt Schiavone, Jordan Pazol, Mr. Fletcher, Maria Suresh, Rose McCandless, Craig Bush, Meredith Modlin, Charlotte Lo, Bethany Lowenkamp, Mrs. Murphy, Max Feinleib, Olivia Proe, Audrey Himes, Colin Lamb, Brian Love, Jason Suh, Vishnu Kasturi, Sam Katz, Blake Himes, Brian Johnson, Kate Voyzey, Rachel Brunot, Kevin Love, Leo McGuinness, Ian Bhatia

Not pictured: Gautam Apte, Charlie Forbes, Amelia Gingras, Lauren Hertzer, Blaise Johnson, Sam Klein, Gabe Sekeres, Julia Shin, Mitchell Stiefel, Jocelyn Ting, Rachel Weisman, Mr. Spencer

Thirty-seven Shaker students and three teachers spent the last weekend competing in the 67th annual Ohio Junior Classical League convention in Columbus.

The awards they brought home are staggering:

  • 1st place in Academic Per Capita
    Shaker averaged 21.32 pts per student; The second-place team averaged 15.74
  • 2nd place in Overall points 
  • 1st place in Upper Certamen
    (Gautam Apte, Blake Himes, Brian Johnson, Vishnu Kasturi, Sam Katz) 
  • 1st place in Lower Certamen
    (Craig Bush, Max Feinleib, Charlie Forbes, Matt Schiavone, Hannah Shane)
  • Large School Spirit Champions (Treasurers Rachel Brunot & Kate Voyzey)
  • Commercial-Superior Rating (Latin V class)
  • Music Video-Excellent Rating (Latin V class)
  • Service-Excellent Rating (Gubernator Blake Himes)
  • Banner-Good Rating (Creative Director Meredith Modlin)
  • Publication-Good Rating (Editor Gabe Sekeres)
  • Scrapbook-Good Rating (Historian Amelia Gingras)
  • Best in Show-Recitation-Sam Katz
  • Best in Show- Decorative Stitching-Hannah Shane

  • 1st-Sam Katz
  • 4th-Max Feinleib
  • 5th-Matt Schiavone
  • 9th-Gautam Apte

TOP 10 OVERALL POINTS (Academics, Creatives and Graphics)
  • 3rd-Sam Katz
  • 9th-Rachel Brunot, Max Feinleib


Gautam Apte, 11th grade
1st place-Traditional Photography; 2nd place-Sight Latin Reading; 3rd place-Mythology, Pentathlon, Vocabulary; 4th place-Literature; 5th place-Derivatives, Roman Life; 6th place-Grammar, Roman History

Ian Bhatia, 8th grade
1st place-Traditional Photography; 4th place-Sight Latin Reading; 5th place-Grammar; 6th place-Roman Life; 8th place-Vocabulary; 10th place-Derivatives, Roman History

Rachel Brunot, 12th grade
1st place-English Oratory; 2nd place-Textiles; 4th place-Mythology, Constructed Chart; 6th place-Derivatives, Grammar, Drawn Chart, Traditional Photography; 7th Vocabulary; 8th place-Literature, Pentathlon, Reading Comprehension, Roman Life, Mosaics, Modern Myth; 9th place- Decorative Stitching

Craig Bush, 9th grade
6th place-Game; 8th place-Vocabulary; 9th place-Grammar, Pentathlon; 10th place-Derivatives

Max Carroll, 8th grade
4th place-Derivatives, Roman Life; 5th place-Vocabulary; 10th place-Grammar

Max Feinleib, 9th grade
1st place-Vocabulary; 2nd place-Derivatives, Grammar, Literature, Pentathlon, Roman History; 4th place-Latin Recitation; 5th place-Roman Life; 6th place-Reading Comprehension; 7th Constructed Map

Charlie Forbes, 9th grade
7th place-Literature, Roman Life; 8th place-Pentathlon

Lauren Hertzer, 10th grade
3rd place-Drawn Map; 4th place-Grammar; 5th place-Recitation; 7th place-Pentathlon, Roman History; 8th place-Derivatives, Reading Comprehension; 9th place-Vocabulary

Audrey Himes, 10th grade
1st place-Reading Comprehension; 5th place-Sight Latin Reading; 6th place-Grammar; 7th place-Derivatives; 10th place-Roman History, Colored Pencil Drawing, Traditional Photography

Blake Himes, 12th grade (OJCL Northern Ohio Gubernator)
1st place-Grammar; 2nd place-Pentathlon; 4th place-Derivatives, Reading Comprehension, Roman Life, Vocabulary; 6th place- Sight Latin Reading

Blaise Johnson, 8th grade
6th place-Reading Comprehension; 9th place-Literature, Constructed Map; 10th place-Roman Life

Brian Johnson, 12th grade (OJCL President)
5th place-Literature; 7th place-Derivatives; 8th place-Textiles

Vishnu Kasturi, 12th grade (OJCL Secretary)
6th place-Roman History, Vocabulary; 7th place-Pentathlon; 8th place-Derivatives, Traditional Photography; 9th place-Literature, Reading Comprehension; 10th place-Mythology

Sam Katz, 12th grade
1st place-Pentathlon, Reading Comprehension, Roman Life, Vocabulary, Dolls, Latin Recitation; 2nd place-Literature, Mythology, Game; 3rd place- Derivatives 4th place-Grammar, Roman History

Sam Klein, 8th grade
6th place-English Oratory; 7th place-Roman Life; 8th place-Derivatives, Grammar; 9th place-Reading Comprehension

Colin Lamb, 8th grade
1st place-Computer Enhanced Photography; 3rd place-Game; 8th place-Derivatives; 10th place-Mythology

Charlotte Lo, 10th grade
2nd place-Reading Comprehension, Mixed Media; 5th place-Grammar, Traditional Photography, Latin Recitation; 7th place-Derivatives, Roman Life; 8th place-Vocabulary; 9th place-Literature

Owen Lockwood, 8th grade
2nd place-Roman Life, Latin Recitation; 6th place-Mythology; 7th place-Pentathlon, Roman History; 9th place-Derivatives

Brian Love, 9th grade
2nd place-Grammar; 4th place-Roman Life; 5th place-Literature, Vocabulary; 7th place-Pentathlon; 8th place-Reading Comprehension; 10th place-Derivatives

Kevin Love, 12th grade
5th place-Derivatives; 6th place-Roman Life; 8th place-Literature; 9th place-Mythology

Bethany Lowenkamp, 11th grade
10th place-Drawn Map

Rose McCandless, 12th grade
2nd place-Constructed Chart, Drawn Map; 10th place-Mythology, Reading Comprehension

Leo McGuinness, 8th grade
4th place-Small Model; 8th place-Latin Recitation

Meredith Modlin, 11th grade
1st place- Couples Costume; 10th place-Reading Comprehension

Olivia Proe, 12th grade
4th place-Drawn Map; 5th place-Vocabulary; 7th place-Derivatives, English Oratory

Matt Schiavone, 9th grade
1st place- Grammar, Roman Life; 2nd place-Derivatives; 3rd place-Mythology, Vocabulary; 4th place-Pentathlon; 6th place-Reading Comprehension; 7th place-Roman History; 8th place-Dolls, Sight Latin Reading, Modern Myth

Gabe Sekeres, 11th grade
3rd place-Sight Latin Reading; 6th place-Mythology

Hannah Shane, 9th grade
1st place-Literature, Roman History, Decorative Stitching; 4th place-Grammar, Roman Life, Multimedia; 6th place-Pentathlon

Julia Shin, 11th grade
1st place-Couples Costume; 5th place-Derivatives; 6th place-Charcoal Drawing; 9th place-Mythology

Mitchell Stiefel, 8th grade
5th place-Mythology, Reading Comprehension, Mosaic; 6th place-Pentathlon; 9th place-Derivatives, Roman History; 10th place-Roman Life

Jason Suh, 11th grade
7th place-Reading Comprehension; 8th place-Vocabulary

Jocelyn Ting, 11th grade
1st place-Mythology (Perfect Score); 2nd place-Ceramic Pottery;
3rd place-Reading Comprehension; 5th place-Derivatives, Roman Life; 6th place-Pentathlon; 8th place-Vocabulary

Kate Voyzey, 12th grade
1st place-Large Model; 6th place-Latin Recitation; 8th place-Derivatives; 9th place-Vocabulary

Rachel Weisman, 10th grade
6th place-Jewelry; 8th place-Grammar; 9th place-Pentathlon; 10th place-Reading Comprehension

Latin Teachers: Mary Coffey, Adam Fletcher, Nora Murphy & Andrew Spencer

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