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Early Childhood Task Force

Research consistently shows that high-quality early childhood education leads to long-term success for children. Students who have attended high-quality preschools are more likely to achieve academic success and less likely to become dropouts or teen parents than similarly situated students with no preschool experience.

Drawing on this knowledge, the School District’s Strategic Plan establishes the expansion of preschool opportunities as a priority. The District currently operates preschool classes for students with disabilities, with a limited number of spaces open for typically developing peers. In order to ensure that every child entering kindergarten has had a high-quality preschool experience, the District will form partnerships with other public and nonprofit organizations that serve young children and their families.

To this end, the District convened the Early Childhood Task Force in summer 2014, with representatives from the schools and several public and nonprofit agencies. View the member list.

The initial work of the Task Force includes:

• An inventory of public and private early childhood programs available to children residing in the Shaker Heights City School District

• A survey of current kindergartners’ preschool experience

• Identification of voids and gaps in service

• An early childhood fair at which parents can learn about opportunities for their children

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