Country Resources


Use  your library catalog to find books and web pages about your topic.

Information Databases

Use the Information Databases to find information from magazines, books, and other sources online. The advantage: they are designed for your schoolwork.  You won't spend all your time sorting through a long list of "hits". When searching for country information, try these first:
  • CultureGrams
  • World Book Online
  • Britannica Online School Edition
  • Ebsco (Magazines)
If you need help using these databases, ask your librarian for help.


Document Your Work

As you work on your project, keep a list of your sources when you collect information.  Your teacher will ask you for a list of sources (or bibliography). To help you with this, see NoodleTools on the Information Databases page to keep track of your sources, take notes, and more. Your librarian can help you use Noodle Tools.
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