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AIMSweb is used to monitor and track students' progress as often as weekly.
Students in kindergarten take the Test of Early Literacy for Reading and the Test of Early Numeracy for Math.  Each of these tests has 4 parts.  Click on the blue link for each test part and you can see a sample of the test.
Tests for Early Literacy: 
*Here is a short explanation of what phonemes are:
A phoneme is the sound associated with each letter of the alphabet.  Some letters have more than one sound.  For example, the letter C can sometimes sound like an S, as the C in lace.  Or the letter C can sometimes sound like a K, as the C in cat.  Children who know about the connection between a letter and its phoneme have an easier time learning to read.
Test for Early Numeracy:
Students orally count, identify numbers, identify the bigger number from a pair, and identify the missing number from a number line.  Each task is one minute and designed to represent a critical early numeracy skill for kindergarten and first grade students.  Click on each test name to see a sample of the test.
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