Visioning Workshop Group June 11-12, 2015

Principals (3) Enrichment Teachers (1) Union Members (5)
Christopher Hayward (FE) Jim Henry (LO) * John Morris (day 1 only) (SHTA)
David Glasner (MS) Lorene Rider (OAPSE 149)
Amy Davis (ON) Tutors (1) Anthony Ugrinic (Local 200)
Kathy Whalen (FE) William Schmoldt (OAPSE 152)
Assistant Principals (1) Matt Zucca (day 2 only) (SHTA)
Sara Chengelis (HS) Guidance Counselors (2)
Mary Bourisseau (HS) Board Members (2)
HS Teachers (10) Chamaine Abrams (MS) William Clawson, President
Kathy Brown Annette Tucker Sutherland
Sharon Craig Librarians (2)
Karen DeMauro Debra Quarles (MS) IB Coordinators (3)
Rebekah Wadsworth Kristen Roope (BO/FE) Amy Brodsky (WO)
Erin Mauch Jim Henry (LO) *
Luling Li Nurses (3) Denise Brown (ON)
Emily Shrestha Paula Klausner (ON)
Andrea Bradd Cook Janet Meinhard (BO) Central Office (7)
Angela Harrell Vanessa Exum (LO) Lynne Kulich, (day 1 only)
James Schmidt Ouimet Smith
Security (1) John Rizzo
MS Teachers (3) Vic Ferrell (HS) Marla Robinson
Katie Davis Dr. Gregory Hutchings
Yvette McClaine Custodians (2) Stephen Wilkins
Kathy Manning Mike Olencki (BO) Keith Wagner
Laurence Ivey (FE)
WO Teachers (0)
Not Available Administrative Assistants (2)
Tracy Williams (HS)
Elementary Teachers (5) Betsy Murray (HS)
Laurie Schlein (ME)
Amy Hannah (FE) Parents (5)
Tim Kalan (LO) Rick Freer
Noreen Smyth-Morrow (ON) Missy Sherwin
Angela Anderson (BO) Annie Richman
Tony Peebles (day 2 only)
Special Needs Teachers (5) Candith McMillan 
Jessica Wilkes (HS)
Eileen Sadowsky (LO) Community Members (3)
Jennifer Lever (ON) John Addison (LO)
Laura Robbins (HS/ON) Emily Braman (ON)
Jennifer Currie (MS) Julie Donaldson (LU)
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