The Primary Years Programme (PYP) Framework

How is the PYP Structured?

There are three interrelated components of the Primary Years Program.  Teachers work collaboratively in teams to plan what will be taught using Common Core English Language Arts Standards and the Ohio Content Standards in science and social studies.  The PYP Framework provides the structure for the transdisciplinary units of inquiry(see graphic below).  These units form Mercer’s POI (Programme of Inquiry). Here is Mercer's 2016-2017 POI.  All planning addresses the following three critical questions.

  • What do we want to learn?
    The written curriculum the identification of a framework of what’s worth knowing

  • How best will we learn?
    The taught curriculum the theory and application of good classroom practice

  • How will we know what we have learned?
    The assessed curriculum the theory and application of effective assessment

The Primary Years Programme Framework 

Teaching and Learning within the IB PYP:
 The video link below provides a better understanding of how the PYP framework supports teaching and learning within a complex and interconnected world.

The PYP in Practice 


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