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Shaker Heights City School District Testing Program

We will update information on this site as we receive new information from the Ohio Department of Education.

Student progress is assessed in many ways, such as teacher observation, teacher-made assessments, continuous progress monitoring, projects, research papers, and paper-and-pencil tests.  All of these forms of assessment provide information to help plan each child’s education and monitor each child’s progress.  The use of assessment to monitor student progress, to guide instruction, and to determine the effectiveness of instruction is central to the District’s goal of ensuring the success of all students. Dr. Gregory Hutchings has developed a message on the use of assessments in the Shaker Heights City School District.

In addition to teacher-created assessments, the District is administering two types of assessments that have been part of the testing program:

  • Assessments that have been part of the testing program for many years.
    • Nationally-normed standardized tests that permit comparison of a student’s achievement to that of other students in the United States.
    • State-mandated tests designed to assess student progress with respect to Ohio's Learning Standards.
  • Assessments that are now required to meet state and federal requirements.
    • The third grade reading guarantee requirement that students be assessed to determine whether they are on track to meet a certain standard on the state English language arts assessment for 3rd grade.
    • Exams required for graduation: End of course exams
Here are some links that will help you learn more about the district tests.  They are set up by grade level.  Just click on the name of the test you want to know more about.
Achievement Assessments for 2017-18. 
  • English/Language Arts: Grades 3-8, plus end of course exams in English 9 and English 10 for students who entered 9th grade after July 2014
  • Mathematics: Grades 3-8, plus end of course exams in Algebra I and Geometry for students who entered 9th grade after July 2014. Middle school students taking either of these courses will take the end of course exam in place of the mathematics exam for their grade level.
  • Science: Grades 5 & 8, plus end of course exam in biology and physical science for some students
  • Social Studies: End of course exams in American government and American history.
  • ACT: Grade 11. Required to meet Ohio's College and Career Ready graduation requirement. 

Some of these assessments are scheduled for fall; others will be administered in the spring.  Check for more details about when these assessments are scheduled.

The Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) is the required set of tests for any student who began 9th grade before July 2014. In 2017-18, any student needing to pass one or more OGT's will be tested in October/November and again in March. Some students with disabilities take an alternate assessment in place of the OGT.  New options have been added as alternatives to the OGT for graduation. To learn more, here is the link: http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Ohio-Graduation-Requirements/Graduation-Requirements-2014-2017/New-Testing-Options-for-Students-Required
Ohio English Language Proficiency (OELPA) is designed for English learners to determine their proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking English.  Its administration will start February 5th. It will be administered on-line.  Here is a link to Ohio's resources for OELPA:
Click on Student Practice Resources for practice tests and student tutorials. 
Kindergarten students take the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) early in the school year.  The KRA assesses kindergarten readiness in 4 areas: 1) Social foundations, 2) Mathematics, 3) Language & literacy, 4) Physical well-being & motor development.
Third Grade Reading Guarantee. This legislation requires that students be assessed to determine whether they are on track to meet a certain standard on the state reading assessment for 3rd grade. Students are to be assessed in kindergarten, first grade, second grade and the beginning of 3rd grade in reading. In Shaker, these assessments vary by grade level.  Click here to access a parent road map about this guarantee.

Teacher Accountability. Value-added calculations have been in place for several years for teachers of English/language arts, reading and math in state tested subjects.

Changes in Requirements Due to New Legislation 
Due to recent changes in legislation, questions about mandated state testing and graduation requirements have been raised. Click on each question to access the answer.
Standardized Tests.
Three tests used to monitor each student's progress and help teachers tailor instruction to each students' needs are:
  • AimswebPlus is used to monitor and track students' progress as often as weekly.
  • MAP is used to benchmark student progress up to 3 times a year.
PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT10 are used to prepare students for the SAT and to give students an idea of their college and career readiness. Once a student receives the results, he/she can access a program developed by Khan Academy that provides on-line instruction that is tailored to that student, based on the scores. This service is free. Click here to access a booklet called Prepare for the 2018 PSAT10. You also can use this link to access information about the PSAT10, including practice questions: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt-psat-10.
College Admissions Testing. The ACT and the SAT are administered on scheduled Saturdays at Shaker Heights High School during the school year. To learn more about these tests, visit the Guidance Department’s Helpful Links page or contact your child's counselor. 
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