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Make the Most of Your Teacher Conference

Conference days offer parents and guardians the opportunity to have one-on-one time with their student’s teacher(s), and to learn more about the individual learning experience planned for the school year. These meetings also foster stronger partnerships with teachers.

Teachers will accommodate those who cannot meet on the scheduled Conference days. The District goal is 100% participation, with one parent/guardian attending a conference for their student, and meeting with at least one teacher.

The format for conferences varies by grade and school, but here are some general rules:

  • K-4 Buildings: Parent/guardian and student meet with the student’s teacher for 20-30 minutes in the classroom.
  • Woodbury: Parent/guardian and student meet with the student’s homeroom teacher for 20 minutes in the home classroom. In some cases, both team teachers attend. If a student is enrolled in an enriched class for Math or Language Arts, a separate 10-minute conference can be scheduled with those teachers on a Conference day or alternative date.
  • Middle School: Parent/guardian schedules a 15-minute conference online to meet with the student’s team teachers (Math, Language Arts, Individuals and Society, and Science) in the team leader’s classroom. Student attendance at the conference varies by team. A separate 15-minute conference can be scheduled with the Global Languages teacher.
  • High School: Parent/guardian can schedule 10-minute appointments with up to six subject teachers per student. Students may attend, but you should check with individual teachers. Conferences take place in the Upper and Lower Cafeterias and the Senior Lounge.

What to Expect at Your Conference

  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to share any concerns about their student and/or about school during conferences.
  • Parents/guardians with students in grades 5-12 may find it helpful to check ProgressBook before the conference to learn more about student grades, homework assignments and attendance. Contact the Administrative Assistant at the school if you’re having difficulty signing in to ProgressBook.
  • In addition to your student’s teacher, other teachers (including intervention and support specialists) may attend the conference. Please note: parents/guardians may bring an interpreter if English is their second language. 
  • Childcare is not provided at conferences. As a courtesy, please check with your teacher before the conference if other siblings/children will attend.
Please reference your student's school conference guide for more information:


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