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Archived Committee Resources Uploaded Prior to April 2012


"Student Growth Measures - Overview" -Ohio Department of Education

"The Toledo Plan" -Toledo Federation of Teachers

"PAR in Toledo: Continuity through Change" -Harvard Graduate School of Education

"5 Tell-Tale Signs You're Becoming a Teacher Leader" -Education Week

"Hard-Working Teachers, Sabotaged When Student Test Scores Slip" -NY Times, 3/4/12

"Value-Added Evaluation Hurts Teaching" -Education Week, 3/5/12

"Shame Is Not the Solution" -NY Times, 2/22/12

"Don't Like Value-Added? Cool. So Pick Your Poison" -Education Week, 2/17/12

"Local educators concerned about evaluation standards" -Springfield News-Sun, 2/20/12

Governor Cuomo Announces Agreement on Evaluation Guidelines That Will Make New York State a National Leader on Teacher Accountability" -Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, 2/16/12

"Performance assessment making a comeback in schools" (pg. 75) & "Once-a-year teacher evaluations not enough" (pg. 104) -eSchool News, February 2012 

"How A Crackpot Theory of Educational Reform Became National Policy" -History News Network, 2/6/12

"Central New York school districts scramble to try to create new teacher evaluations", 1/16/12

MET (Measures of Effective Teaching) Project -New reports added January 2012

"Updated teacher observations key to improvement, report says" -LA Times, 1/7/12

"TN gov's plan would change teacher pay, remove class size averages" -The Tennessean, 1/10/12

"Popular Frameworks Found to Identify Effective Teachers" -Education Week, 1/6/12

"Pilot programs for evaluating Ohio teachers, if done well, could yield great benefits", 1/7/12

"Big Study Links Good Teachers to Lasting Gain" -NY Times, 1/6/12

American Educational Research Assocation (AERA) Symposium on Teacher Evaluation

"Ohio teachers to be watched and graded on classroom performance -- and many are OK with that", 1/2/12

"Both Sides Hang Tough on Teacher Evaluations" -NY Times SchoolBook, 1/4/12

"Teacher evaluations tested" -Columbus Dispatch, 12/18/11

Transforming Teaching: Connecting Professional Responsibility with Student Learning - 2011 Report from CETT -National Education Association

Putnam County Schools' Strategic Compensation Website

Center for Educator Compensation Reform's General Compensation Questions

"The Teaching Evaluation Gap" -Education Week, 12/6/11

"Teachers leery of proposed ratings" -Columbus Dispatch, 12/11/11

"Teacher Evaluations Key to State Chances for NCLB Waivers" -Education Week, 12/12/11

"System being tested to gauge teachers' performance" -News Herald, 10/29/11

Battelle for Kids

Causal Teacher Evaluation Model -Learning Sciences International

"Getting Serious about Teacher Evaluation" -Education Week, 10/10/11

"Grading the Teachers" -Wall Street Journal, 10/22/11

"In Tennessee, Following the Rules for Evaluations Off a Cliff" -NY Times, 11/6/11

"New teacher evaluations coming in 2014" -Newark Advocate, 11/16/11

Ohio Department of Education - Educator Evaluation Systems in Ohio

"Passing Muster: Evaluating Teacher Evaluation Systems" -Brookings Institution, 4/26/11

"Principals Protest Role of Testing in Evaluations" -NY Times, 11/27/11

"Recruiting, Evaluating, and Supporting Teacher Effectiveness: A Review of the Literature" -Hanover Research Council, June 2009

"When an adult took standardized tests forced on kids" -Washington Post, 12/5/11

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