A Night for the Red & White 2018

Tickets are on sale now for A Night for the Red & White on March 10 at the Hilton Cleveland Downtown. Click to learn more and to purchase tickets.
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The Strategic Planning Team

Karen Andrei - ST

Karl Hess - C

  Marla Robinson - ST/C


Chris Auginas - ST/C

Annette Himes - C

  Tres Roeder - C


Ellen Battle - ST/C

Miata Hunter - ST/C

  Lisa Scott - ST/C


Bryan Christman -ST/C

Greg Hutchings -ST/C

  Julianna Senturia - C


Sara Cole - ST

Jennie Kaffen - C

  Fred Shalhoup -ST


Todd Davidson - C

Keith Langford - C

  Candace Sheffler - C/ST


Amy Davis - ST/C

John Lisy - C

  Benjamin Silberman - S


Luren Dickinson - C

Colleen Longo -ST/C

  Ouimet Smith - ST/C


Kathy Fredrick - ST

Deborah McHamm - C

  Bernice Stokes - ST/C 


Amy Fulford - SB

Kurt Miller - C

  Annette Sutherland - SB


Jennifer Goodall - C

Steve Minter - C

  Normella Walker - C 


Michael Griffith -ST/C

John Moore - ST/C

  Dale Whittington - ST/C


Olivia Hamilton -S

Billie Morgan - ST/C

  Tracy Williams - ST/C


Amy Hanauer - C

Ilka Nieves - ST

  Danny Young - ST/C


Ayesha Hardaway - C

Patty Ott -ST/C



Erin Herbruck - ST

Dave Peterjohn - ST/C







S = Student, ST = Staff, C = Community Member, SB = School Board

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