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The Shaker Heights Schools Strategic Planning Team

The following individuals have been chosen to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee:
Karen Andrei - ST
Lydia Beard - C
Ayesha Bell Hardaway - BOE
Michael Boorstein - C
Lauren Boyd - C
Catherine Boyle - C
Terri Breeden - ST
Katrina Cassell - S
Lois Cavucci - ST
Bryan Christman - ST
Carmen Chung - ST
George Clark - ST
William Clawson - BOE
Holly Coughlin - ST
Michael Coxon - C
Nicol Coxon - C
Lisa Cremer - BOE
Kathleen Dean - C
Dawn Dumm - C
Alex Dykema - C
Sarah Fish - ST
Eric Forman - ST
David Glasner - ST
Alissa Glenn - C
Christopher Hayward - ST
Lisa Hamilton - C/ST
Kimberly Harris - C/ST
Erin Herbruck - ST
Stacey Hren - C/ST
Miata Hunter - ST
Christos Ioannou - S
Jeffrey Isaacs - BOE
Anne Jarrad - C
Kevin Jiang - S
Doreen Katz - C
Tricia Khayat - C
Elizabeth Kimmel - ST
Rachel King - C
Sarah Knebel - ST
Richard Krauss - C
Jonathan Kuehnle - ST
Shamera Kuykendall - C
Keith Langford - ST
Heather MacDonald Stefanski - C
Rhazariah McFall - S
Shani Meeks - ST
Kristen Miller - ST
John Moore - ST
Craig Niess - C
Tina Oestreich - C
Nicole Patterson - ST
Anthony Peebles - C
Ann Poston - C
Debra Quarles - ST
Timeka Rashid - C
Chris Rateno - ST
John Rizzo - ST
Marla Robinson - ST
Adam Roth - C
Julianna Senturia - C
Gus Stager - ST
Katharyne Starinsky - C
Scott Stephens - ST
Eileen Sweeney - ST
Jim Sweeney - ST
Danielle Sydnor - C
Allison Vann - C
Will Warren - C
Heather Weingart - BOE
Stephen Wilkins - ST
Dale Willis - C
Danny Young - ST
BOE=Board of Education, S=Student, ST=Staff, C=Community Member
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