Shaker Heights Teachers Association Statement

The Shaker Heights Teacher Association (SHTA) made its first statement about the master plan in the October 2016 SHTA Newsletter. The statement reads:
Even closer to home is the issue of the District Master Plan and the upcoming May Bond Issue that will be voted on by Shaker residents to provide 55 million dollars for a new Middle School and improvements to buildings throughout the district. The SHTA enthusiastically supports this bond issue and the necessary improvements it makes to our buildings, including the replacement of one of the most difficult to maintain and utilize buildings, the Middle School. We have not had a bond issue in Shaker in over 10 years. We are overdue for necessary improvements to our physical plant for the wellbeing of our students, our teachers, our schools district, and our community.
-- SHTA Newsletter, October 17, 2016, Issue No. 2
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