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Brynn Williams, Senior
Why did you join the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee?
Growing up in Shaker, I always felt like it was important for the student body to have a voice about our schools. The Superintendent's Advisory Council allows Shaker students to advise the superintendent about issues that important to all students. I think it is important for African-American female students to be represented on the Superintendent's Advisory Council because our voices matter. All students need to know that any one of us can be part of this group regardless of our race, gender, religious identity, etc. I really feel like that was unique about Shaker, and I love that I'm able to show that through sharing my ideas about how we could improve our schools.
What are your post-high school plans?
After high school, I hope to attend a Historically Black College or University out of state, and major in the fine arts field. I also plan on continuing to explore my interest in modeling.
Describe any activities (athletics, music, theatre, youth groups, etc.) you have been involved in during your high school years – in or out of SHHS.
During my three years in high school, I have been in many activities. I have been involved with the MAC Sister Scholars Program all three year. Last spring, I was selected as a MAC Sister Mentor Scholar. This is my first year playing in the Wind Ensemble band. During my first two years, I was first chair in the Symphonic Winds band. This was also my first year being a Raiderette in our marching band. My sophomore year, I was a dancer in Sankofa. I am in the NAACP group at our school. I attend Plymouth Church and am an usher, and active in our youth group. In January, I begin a year as one of two youth members of our church council. This past October, I was accepted into the Look Up to Cleveland leadership program. I was selected to travel to Goslar, Germany next June.
Do you have any volunteer or community service experience? When, where and how much time did you give? How has it influenced your personal growth?
The summer of 2015, I went on a service trip with my church for Habitat for Humanity. We drove to Slinger, Wisconsin, were we helped build a house for a family in need. It took a week to build the foundation of the house, and when we were finally done, it was such a great feeling. While being there, I had an opportunity to talk to the family we were building the house for. Hearing their story really made me think about how much I have, and how I should be grateful all the resources I have in the Shaker Schools, as well as at home.
Where do you see yourself in 8-10 years?
In 8-10 years, I want to have a job relating to my fine arts interest and hopefully doing more modeling.
Please share your favorite quote.
"Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity."

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