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Joe Schmidt, Senior
Why did you join the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee?
I wanted to provide my opinion which I think is useful on issues in Shaker which demand hard work and creativity. I wanted to be a leader for my class and for my community in this way.
What are your post-high school plans?
I want to attend an academically rigorous college and push myself in whatever path I choose, but I do want to go into the business school wherever I end up going.
Describe any activities (athletics, music, theatre, youth groups, etc.) you have been involved in during your high school years – in or out of SHHS.
  • Shaker Heights Soccer Team
  • Independent squash Player
  • Urban Squash Cleveland
  • YEH
  • Honors Spanish Society
  • Spanish/Latin tutoring
  • Republican Club
  • Champions for charity
Do you have any volunteer or community service experience? When, where and how much time did you give? How has it influenced your personal growth?
Yes, I volunteer regularly with Urban Squash Cleveland and SGORR. I volunteer downtown most Wednesdays for about two hours each time for urban squash Cleveland, and I volunteer for SGORR with meetings every week and events three times a year. I have learned the struggles of those families with little money and I've also learned how important early foundations of an education are.
Where do you see yourself in 8-10 years?
I see myself working hard so that I can have an easier life in 20 years. I don't know specifically what I want to major in for college, so I can't really gauge where exactly I will be. However, I know that I will be working very hard so that my later life will be easier when the work pays off.
Please share your favorite quote.
"We are not our thoughts, we are what we do with our thoughts."

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