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Sarah Grube, Senior
Why did you join the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee?
I wanted to be able to make my voice and ideas heard as a student, and to be able to better understand the issues and topics the administration of our school faces.
What are your post-high school plans?
I hope to get a degree in either mathematics or music performance – or both – and then either teach math or music or perform.
Describe any activities (athletics, music, theatre, youth groups, etc.) you have been involved in during your high school years – in or out of SHHS.
Last year I was a member of the Shaker choirs, and I currently am a member of the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus and Chamber Ensemble; last summer I was a member of the Blue Lake International Choral Ensemble. I am a copy editor for the Shakerite, and play clarinet in the Shaker Bands. I am active in the youth programs at my church – Plymouth Church of Shaker Heights – and sing in the church choir.
Do you have any volunteer or community service experience? When, where and how much time did you give? How has it influenced your personal growth?
During the summer before ninth grade, I volunteered as a counselor at the Shaker Lakes Nature Center Outdoor Adventure Camp for two weeks, and again for two days during the following spring break. This experience taught me a lot about commitment, leadership and remaining responsible and positive in all situations, good or bad.
Where do you see yourself in 8-10 years?
I see myself as a music teacher, although I am not sure in what capacity. I would like to be someone who volunteers whenever she can and tries to be conscientious of global issues. I hope to have a college degree, and maybe be enrolled in a graduate program for vocal performance.
Please share your favorite quote.
“You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.” – Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

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