Retirement FAQs


When trying to decide about retirement consider the following:

1.      Visit the SERS/STRS retirement website for information. ;

2.      Set-up an appointment with SERS/STRS to review your status (number of years credit) , ask questions (options for
         payment, benefit options), understand what you have to complete or submit to them, etc.

      a.        This is better face-to-face in Columbus

      b.        Check annually for benefit estimates 2 - 3 years prior to your anticipated retirement as pensions change with raises,                   OT, and supplementals

3.      Answer for yourself, “Am I really ready to retire?” Try not to enter into this decision for someone else. It should be best
         for you.

What SERS/STRS needs:

1.      Submit SERS/STRS retirement application (recommended 60 days in advance so as not to delay your first payment)

2.      Submit SERS/STRS health insurance application (at least 30 days in advance). If applicable you will need a copy of
          your Medicare Card (you cannot be enrolled without Parts A & B)

Medicare and Social Security:

1.      Social Security/Medicare require proof of insurance. They will provide you with a form (or print from website). The
          form must be signed by the district.

2.      Make an appointment (allow 4 - 6 weeks for an appointment) with social security or go online to sign up for medicare 3
         months before your 65th birthday and notify them that you will be receiving a public pension.

     a.        Your medicare effective date is your retirement date if you are a 12 month employee. If you are a 9.5, 10.25, or 10.5                    month employee who is retiring on July 1; you can defer medicare until September 1st.

What Shaker Heights CSD needs:

1.      Submit a letter to HR with your retirement effective date when you submit the SERS/STRS application.

      a.      As a courtesy it is recommended that you send it to payroll, HR, and your supervisor

      b.      District is notified approximately 10 days after SERS/STRS receives your application

2.      Set-up an annuity with the district’s agent or use your TSA account if you prefer. If your TSA is an IRA make sure you want
          the funds in that account.

3.      Severance pay and vacation pay will be deposited into your annuity - Allow 2 - 3 months for payroll to process; there
          is a 30 day wait to withdraw

4.      Complete an Exit Survey which will be emailed to the retiring/exiting employee

5.      By your last day: gather your personal items (physically or electronically on your computer and delete your personal files
         on your computer), turn in district property assigned to you (badges, keys, equipment).

6.      Complete your SERS/STRS paperwork and send it to them.

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