SHHS P.E. Department Independent Study Programs for Credit Flexibility

All Independent Study programs will be completed on the Moodle page.
Interscholastic Athletics:
  • Students participating on an in-season Shaker interscholastic athletic team have the opportunity to receive one semester of Physical Education credit by enrolling in this independent study class.

  • The student must complete a guided learning experience that requires pre-season essays, daily record keeping of participation and competition, a coach evaluation, and  a postseason essays and reflections that are related to the Physical Education curriculum and the Ohio Department of Education State Standards for Physical Education. Seniors are not permitted to participate in this program beyond the winter athletic season. All forms and information for this project is on the moodle site and completed work should be uploaded to the site.  Please apply within the time frames listed below, in the table which corresponds to your season.

  • Assignment Procedures:

  • As your season begins, complete the student data information form and the pre-season essays.

  • At the end of your season complete postseason essays, log sheets and coach evaluation form.  All forms must be complete on this site.  

  • Credit is awarded as pass (P) or the student is removed from program if assignments are not completed  (1/4 credit)

  • All documents must be submitted as PDF, MS word or shared google file.  (No Pages)


Application Available

Data Form and
Essays Due

Post-Season Assignments Due

Fall August 1 3rd Fri. in Aug. 1st Fri. in Nov.
Winter November 1 3rd Fri. in Nov. 1st Fri. in March
Spring March 1 3rd Fri. in March 3rd Fri. in May

Outside of School Independent Study:
  • Program Guidelines:

  • Students must read the entire application and complete it in full

  • Students must complete and submit the following by the assigned due dates:

    • Pre-activity essays

    • Sponsor’s data form

    • Sponsor’s end of activity evaluation form

    • End of activity essays

    • Daily log sheets on participation

  • All students should save a copy of the sponsor forms, essays, and log sheets

  • The program is listed on the student’s schedule as a period 11, Independent Study class, under the Chair of the Physical Education Department

  • Independent Study cannot be used to satisfy eligibility requirements for interscholastic/co-curricular activities

  • Credit is awarded as pass (P) if a student does not successfully complete their entire project with a satisfactory evaluation from their sponsor will not receive credit (1/4 credit)

  • Students must document a minimum of 60 hours of program participation to be considered for 1/4 credit 

  • A minimum of 20 hours of direct interaction with your sponsor is required.  The other 40 hours must be activity participation that leads towards your projects’ goals, that you and your sponsor agree with, and that the sponsor will sign off on

  • Activities for Outside Independent Study can vary but all activities require a physical fitness component: Examples include but are not limited to - Yoga, Figure Skating, Dance, Karate, Boxing, working with a personal trainer - If you are unclear about your activity please contact Mr. Enie

  • The Outside Independent Study program is a option for student to gain PE credit for activities not offered at the High School.  Students can not use a sport or activity offered as a varsity sports at Shaker Heights High School.

  • Students cannot participate in the Independent Study program during the second semester of their senior year

  • Students cannot apply for the Independent Study program until the beginning of the school year during their freshman year

  • All documents must be submitted as PDF, MS Word or google doc file.  (No Pages)


Application Available

Data Form and
Essays Due

Final Project Due

Sem 1 Start of Sem. 1  3rd Fri. in Sept. End of Sem. 1
Sem 2 Start of Sem. 2 1st Fri. in Feb. End of Sem. 2
Summer May 1 2nd Fri. in May Mid-Sept.

For Both Independent Study Programs:
  • All data forms and essays must be completed and accepted before you are entered into the program
  • All due dates must be followed and met to be considered for enrollment and credit in the program
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