Shaker Heights High School PTO

High School PTO Officers for 2018-19

President   Timeka Rashid, Ph.D.

President   Melanie Sweeney

1st Vice President    Brant Silvers

1st Vice President    Kenyon Ward

VP Communication      Susan Vodrey

VP Communication      Tom Bennett

VP Educational Enrichment    Sarah Divakarla 

VP Educational Enrichment    Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks

VP Financial Management      Matt Lehman

VP Financial Management      Mity Fowler

VP Outreach      Keely O'Bryan

VP Outreach      Emily Braman

VP Parent Education & Advocacy   Nevin Jenkins 

VP Parent Education & Advocacy   Emily Geier

Co-Secretary    Leonora Roth

Co-Secretary    Gretchen Witt

Treasurer    Meg Weingart

Assistant Treasurer    n/a

Nominating Chair    Lisa Vahey

Nominating Chair    Lisa Hamilton

new families

Organizational and planning skills for students

Click here to access materials from the meeting!

Stay Informed About the High School

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To stay informed of what is happening at the High School and the school district, please click here and enter your e-mail address. The High School PTO sends weekly e-newsletters on Fridays, as well as occasional mid-week updates. If you are not receiving The Oval, sign up today!
When you sign up for the e-mail list, you will be able to specify graduation year(s) for your student to enable delivery of class specific news. There is also a list specifically for SHHS Volunteers, if you sign up for this you will be notified when volunteers are needed for a PTO event.
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Don't Be Left Out of the Shaker Schools Family Directory!

In the Shaker Schools, we build community by connecting our families with a district-wide directory. Our goal is 100% participation from Shaker families. The Shaker School Family Directory is convenient and user-friendly, accessible either online or as a smartphone app. Shaker families maintain their own directory information. It’s easy to sign up and takes only a few minutes. Click here and then select “Join as a new family.” Questions? Contact


CommUnity Builders
Shaker Schools’ CommUnity Builders Invite Us to Actively Embrace and Live Our Values!

High School PTO Grants

The Shaker Heights High School PTO Grant program provides funding for classroom-based or extracurricular academic enrichment projects. The emphasis of the program is the development and implementation of innovative, enriching experiences for students. The SHHS PTO awarded $4,559 in grants for the 2016-17 school year to support the following 18 projects:
- Guest choral director
- American Experience tenth grade field trip
- Design class wood
- Mano en Mano salsa garden supplies
- Circuit Scribe classroom set for Science classes
- Nearpod for Language and Literature classes
- Language Acquisition peer tutor appreciation
- Asian Studies ceramic bowls project
- Chamber orchestra support for Lincoln Center trip
- Classroom set of Science World magazine
- Writing Center file organizer
- Writing Center membership to professional organization
- Nonfiction books for interdisciplinary 9 Team research
- Asian Studies guest speaker appreciation
- MYP tenth grade personal project T-shirts
- Table panels for group work in Individual and Societies classes
- Chess club T-shirt support
- Memory project for Art students

Tips for Families to Support Student Success

On October 10, 2016, SHHS PTO hosted an educator panel to share tips for student success at the High School.  The panel presenters were Ms. Shaunna Bonner (Guidance Counselor), Ms. Mary Bourisseau (Guidance Counselor), Ms. Molly Miles (English Teacher), and Mr. Hubert McIntyre (Academic Resource Center/MAC Scholar Advisor). The moderator was Mr. David Peake (Guidance Counselor).
Click here to download tips for student success shared by the panel.

Map of Shaker Heights High School

Interested in finding your way around the High School?  Click here for a map.

Shop Heinen's and Support SHHS PTO

Shop Heinen's and Support SHHS PTO 201581720227690_image.jpeg
Heinen's ABC program is now "Teaming Up for Education." When you shop at Heinen's, you can help Shaker Schools through their school donation program. Up to 1% of your qualified purchases during the school year can be donated to the High School or the school of your choice. You are required to RESELECT a school every year. To select the High School from your Tasteful Rewards profile page, log into your account at with your registered email address and password. Click on "My profile" at the top of the page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, select Shaker Heights High School and save the changes. You can also register by going to the service counter at any Heinen's Supermarket. It's a great, easy way to raise money for the High School PTO, which uses the money for grants and outreach activities to enrich students' learning experiences. If you have any questions, e-mail Julia Meyer at


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