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PTO Council

What Is PTO Council?

Each Shaker school has a Parent Teacher Organization and every parent is automatically a member. PTO Council is a district-wide umbrella group that connects all eight of the PTOs. PTO Council oversees collaboration between the units and with other groups to engage and support students and families throughout the district.

PTO Council is responsible for:

- Paying for and overseeing the electronic distribution of weekly school newsletters

- Compiling information for the annual printed District calendar

- Administering the Shaker Schools Family Directory app

- Organizing Superintendent community chats

- Helping with Family and Community Engagement Series

- Assisting with Family and Community Engagement Center

- Communication, coordination, and training of PTO volunteers

- Paying for the preparation of all PTO annual tax returns

- Holding public PTO Council meetings to share interests across all our schools

PTO Council is funded through voluntary direct donations from families. Please consider making a $5 tax-deductible gift to PTO Council through PayForIt. Click on “Fees.” Thank you!

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CommUnity Builders

PTO Council Officers for 2016-17 School Year

Co-Presidents: Mark Levin and Heather Weingart
Co-1st Vice Presidents: Lisa Kimmel and Mary Wilkinson
VP Communication: Jen Proe
VP Educational Enrichment: Karen Yusko
VP Financial Management: Tony Peebles
VP Parent Education and Advocacy: Jen Bordeaux and Hannah Mendelsohn
Secretary: Sholanda Lewis
Treasurer: Beverly Saylor
Nominating Co-Chairs: Candith McMillan and Missy Sherwin

Stay Informed!

Stay Informed! 201481611313643_image.jpeg To stay informed of what is happening at your child's school and the school district, click here and enter your e-mail address. You will be entered in the PTO database so you will receive the appropriate PTO e-newsletters as your children transition from school to school.

We value your privacy; therefore, we will not sell, rent, or give your name or address to anyone. At any point, you can select the link that appears at the bottom of every e-mail to unsubscribe, or to change your preferences. Sign up today to stay informed!

Shaker Schools Family Directory

In the Shaker Schools, one way we build community is by connecting our families with a district-wide directory. Our goal is 100% participation from Shaker families.

The Shaker School Family Directory is convenient and user-friendly, accessible either online or as a smartphone app. Shaker families maintain their own directory information.

This directory has many handy features including:
- searching by student name or by parent name,
- filtering students by school and grade level,
- linking to GPS driving directions, email, text, or telephone directly from the smartphone app

It's easy to sign up:

1. Click here.
2. Select "Join as a new family."
3. Select "Shaker Heights City School District."
4. Enter your information. (Required fields are identified with "*")
5. Save

Your information will go into a queue to await approval. Allow a week for our PTO volunteer to approve your entry. Once approved you will receive an email from ShakerSchools.FamilyDirectory@gmail.com with your login information and instructions on how to download the app to your smartphone. Now you will have access to the Shaker Family Directory via the computer at: www.schooldirectoryupdate.com or the app on your smartphone.

Some key points to remember about this directory app:

- If parents are living at the same address, there is one household tied to the student.

- If parents have separate addresses, they are set up as two households, but tied back to the same student. Each parent maintains his/her own household information and cannot update the other parent's household information. Please send an email to ShakerSchools.FamilyDirectory@gmail.com identifying the 2 households to be linked (this is done by the PTO volunteer directory administrator).

- If there are siblings within one household with different last names, they must be set up as different families.

This is a little confusing, but remember that this is a student directory and not a parent directory and that can help.  Questions? Contact ShakerSchools.FamilyDirectory@gmail.com

Support PTO Council!

PTO Council is funded solely through voluntary direct donations from families and teachers.  There are no fundraisers or other funding sources.  Please consider a tax-deductible gift to PTO Council by going to PayForIt.  Click on "Fundraiser."
Your donation of $5 or $10 will help PTO Council pay for the PTO e-mail account used by all eight schools for electronic distribution of school newsletters, and to continue to provide families with resources such as the Shaker Heights Schools Family Directory and the annual calendar of student activities and PTO events.
Please donate today.  Thank you! 

School PTO Web Pages


Shaker Heights PTO Mission Statement

The Shaker Heights Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is dedicated to facilitating the active and informed involvement of all parents and families to achieve the educational success and well-being of all children.

PTO Information

PTO E-Newsletters

All Shaker Schools have Friday PTO e-newsletters. These weekly e-mails are the best way for families to find out what is happening at individual schools.

To sign-up for Shaker Heights PTO emails, click here.
You will be asked for the year of graduation for your student(s) - so we can make sure you are added to the right list and moved up to the next building when your child changes grades.

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