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Updates for 2016-17 School Year

1. Become familiar with the assessments your students may take this year:
  • MAP
  • CAP
  • 3rd grade reading
  • End of Course exams
  • OGT 
2. ALL state tests will be administered on-line this year.  If you are testing this fall, take the Test Administration Certification Course.  If you are not testing until the spring, take the Test Administration Certification Course in February or early March.
3. Become familiar (or renew your familiarity) with the District's Test Security Protocols and access the Ohio Test Security Rules Book as well. Here are the links:
4. Make sure your students are comfortable with the characteristics of the new assessments, including the computer navigation features and especially the on-line calculators. Two critical sources are the student practice tests and the practice on-line calculators:
   For the practice tests, click on this link: Then click on "Student Practice Resources." 
   For the 7th and 8th grade math practice calculators, click on: 
5. Make sure that what your students are learning is aligned with the ways of thinking and learning described in Ohio's Academic Content Standards in the subject(s) you teach.

Become familiar with the Test Specifications & Blueprints for each assessment you are preparing your students to take. First, click on the link below to access on-line resources. Then click on the "general resources" and you will get access to all state test blueprints.
7. Learn about the new graduation requirements and their impact on testing.
8. Visit the test portal for teachers.
9. Periodically access the ODE testing update page. Things are changing all the time.
10. Periodically check the district testing page.
11. Sign up to receive email updates from ODE about state assessments.
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