MAP is a measure that can be used to track students' progress in English/language arts and mathematics.  In 2016-17, MAP will be administered to all students in grades 2-8.  There is a version of MAP that is designed for younger students called MAP for Primary Grades. 
Here are some important features of MAP.
  1. It is a computer adaptive test.  It is administered on a computer so that the computer can adapt the questions to each child.  The program instantly analyzes the student's response to each test question and, based on how well the student has answered all previous questions, selects a question of appropriate difficulty to display next.  This prevents students from taking time to try a lot of questions that are extremely difficult or extremely easy for them.  
  2. Its scores are designed so that your child's progress can be monitored.  Your child's teacher(s) will monitor his/her progress over the year.  Your child's progress can also be monitored from one grade level to the next.  This is not possible with other assessments, such as the state tests.
  3. It provides accurate scores with relatively little test administration time.  The tests are not timed, but typically they take about an hour to administer.
Here are some useful links:
  1. A brochure about MAP for parents:
  2. A link to a video about the MAP tests for students:
  3. A link to a MAP test warm up that includes sample questions:
  4. A link to MAP for primary grades warm up:
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